Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!

Yeah I won’t be able to get off work for the 6th.

I’m thinking about swinging in tomorrow Matt, if that’s ok. It would certainly be more fun to watch finals with a bunch of people rather than in my room by myself haha

it would be like 9pm though so idk

Sorry guys, I wont be coming up tonight since I’m working today to get the 6th off. I’m working nine days in a row. Yuck. I’d rather stick around in town and rest a bit. I’m more than willing to get games in online if you want to play. I want to work on my Rose a bit more before PWA.

Guys I’m not going to be hosting tonight afterall, I have a really busy work week ahead of me and I will need to rest up tonite. Sorry guys. But I will see you all at the tourney next week.

GL at the tournament next weekend fellas

SRK is working again at the library’s computers, so I should be able to keep up with you guys. Yes, I missed the entire EVO stream, but Youtube’s got me covered. Does next Sunday sound good for you, Matt? For a get-together, I mean.

NH Tournament this weekend peeps, hope to see you guys there in your leveled up forms!

5v5 Maine vs New Hampshire guys. Be there.

Son of a bitch I really want to go to that PWA tourney. The fact that its hosted in an arcade and there was be something to do besides stand around and sweat is the big selling point for me. 5v5 Maine vs NH? Who from Maine would be considered the “Maine” team.

Ryan it would be the people the go to tournaments the most.

-Maine Team-
Dusty Feets
Mox Manic
Sheng Hao

I do have some back up players just in case you guys can’t fill your spots

I dont know if Im gonna be able go =( Im gonna have to earn some serious brownie points. Her birthday is Sunday hahahah, that most definitely does not help. Ill see what I can do though. For now Id say count me in.

Is this a 5v5 in marvel or AE?

Well, After mowing it over with the girlfriend,…I CAN GO!! Im bringing a pocket full of cash cause im gonna be playing alpha like its no ones business on those cabinets. So yeah count me in for the tourney and the teams. Now who is gonna be our MvC3 team. Ive been putting mad hours into that shit and im ready to flex.

So since I was planning on dedicating this whole week to World of Warcraft and had no idea a tourney was coming up…Who wants to practice.

I’m down for some games. I’ll be on in a little bit

Ronnie isn’t coming along to the tournament and Charlie doesn’t want to enter teams for Marvel. FREE AGENT.

I can make it, if it’s saturday. I’m actually doing some overtime this week so i’ve had little no time to play during the week though :frowning:

What’s the ride situation? I have no idea where the place is. Matt seemed interested, he might go too.

I may be able to go if a carpool could get organized. I can drive to the spot where everyone is gathering, but I’d never be able to make it the whole way. Anyone willing to bring me? Call me at 206-4751.

My buddy Nate is gonna drive me down to this tourney. He likes to show off his car so im not gonna turn down a free ride. Josh if you wanna tag along feel free to ride down with us for a change. He drives a WRS STI though so if you know your cars, you know its got little back seats lol

Dread, is your friend willing to bring me?

Hmmmm, I wonder what I am going to do in my down time while I wait for my matches…

Samarai Showdown II
BlazBlue Continuum Shift
Marvel Super Heroes
Street Fighter Alpha (Pair)
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Street Fighter Alpha II
Street Fighter II
Succhaos SNK vs CAPCOM
Champion Edition Street Fighter II
Mortal Komat
Mortal Komat 2
Mortal Komat 4
Mortal Kombat 3- Ultimate
Tekken 3
The King of Fighters '96
The King of Fighters '98
X Men vs Street Fighter