Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!

meee! but i’ll be online after midnight :o

Love these new kids on 3rd Strike. I guess I’m a turbo using Remy.

I’m in the top 10 Remy players on Live right now. <3

I wish the Ranked battles were found a little faster. I would like to see what I can get my Akuma up to.

When I finally get Internet, I’ll get 3S, but I’m not sure which character I should use. I’m thinking Alex…

hey, i might actually make an effort to get into fighters now that i have a car and will be periodically commuting to smcc. is there any events/weeklies/biweeklies that i should be aware of?

This Sunday. Be there and rep Maine!

Fight night soon? I wanna get together and play.

Matt has vanished, we will need to find a new location to make this shit happen.

I’d be willing to host, but I don’t have much space (or chairs lol)

I was thinking about hosting a fight night in my back yard. I was gonna setup a grill, some chairs and a projector. Start a nice fire have 2-3 setups going one being on a projector, get my grill on. Kind of an outside fight night. Let me know if this would interest anyone. I wanna do it before it starts getting to cold outside.

I’d show up!

I’m down for a fight night Saturday or Sunday. Got work off.

Also, I loving this Vergil alt color. Looks pretty slick.

What’s the good word, guys?

Oh not much,…Just waiting for a get together. Going to Octobers Souper Bowl tournament after my long break, hoping to do some damage.

Return of the Maine demon.

Anyone up for some sets this weekend. Im thinking about picking AE on the PC since the net coding on the xbox is so fucking ass.

Do that and we’ll be playing together a lot more often. Only downside about PC is the players are ass.

Word i gotta budget out some bills but im hoping to get it this week.

I’m down for some Mahvel!

I’m up for some. I’m thinking about entering this time around at the Souper Bowl. Got a new team lined up.