Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!

I’ll be there Chad. I may also have a sweet flyer made to promote the fight nights at CCC by then, so I hope you don’t mind if I flyer some relevant locales (ie gamestop, bullmoose, library etc…).

Just wanted to say thanks to the crew for coming to my place Friday, good games! That tourney was fun as fuck! I should be hosting another one this friday, so I hope that the core players can make it, as well as some new faces as well.

Dreadl0000rd, PM incoming…

Yo, just got some potentially devastating news…I may have to work until 9:30~10pm on Friday! I am going to see what I can do to change that shit before Friday, but if that doesn’t happen then I think game night will have to start a little late. Depending on what my brother is up to, he might be here so you guys can come over like maybe after 8 or something, and set shit up and play without me until I get outta work. I don’t want to cancel this shit, because we are starting to get some momentum with our scene, so if you are all down for starting some shit without me, then please do! My shits becoming free for you guys anyways (looking at Damien’s Juri!)

Ouch, that’s rough man. My new stick should arrive friday so i’ll be wanting to test it out!

And Chad, I am planning on attending tommorrow, depending on whether i’ll be doing OT at work or not. (and assuming I can find a place to park!)

That’s cool, I’m looking forward to it!

Matt, if you want to flyer, then by all means do so. I made one for the store I can send to you if you want. You can use your own as well, no big deal.

Its alright Josh, its on Friday at my place but just show up a little later, like say 8:30ish. My brother is going to be here to host until I get out of work sometime around 9:30 (hopefully earlier!) You got a Round 2 TE right? Thats gonna be sweet! You gotta make it tomorrow night to Coast City man! If you want you can park at my place sometime before and we can carpool over. I used to live in the West End and know the hidden parking spots haha.

Thanks to everyone that showed up tonight! Also, big thanks to you guys for helping us move books when the water started leaking from the ceiling. I guess some guy two floors above us got drunk and left his sink running. He came down later, still drunk, telling me it wasn’t his fault. I hit him with an ultra combo that knocked him across the street. Good times.

Yea the water leaking from the ceiling was random as hell! I hope you didn’t lose any merchandise, especially any of those wonderful looking independent volumes. Keep us informed on when the next gathering will be buddy. I will guarantee a nice amount of players next time!

As for tonight, the SoPo Session is on! Start time is a little later than usual, show up sometime around 9pm (give or take a few minutes). My brother Jimmy will be here to host and get you all set up until I get out of work. Don’t forget to bring a couple bucks for the $2 dollar tournament…I hear MoxManiac is salty and looking for revenge Dreadl0000rd! Also looking to get another game going on the side, maybe some HDR/3s/BB.

Once again, this is open to anyone who can make it. We are looking for more ppl to join in the games, so don’t be shy! Plus, we got the BEST Akuma in Northern New England live and in person beasting on ppl haha. Hit me on PM for more info or directions…I will check it out on my lunch break at work.

you guys doing this again this thursday? i just saw this thread and i live right down off of brighton. this would be sick for me to get some actual matches in!

As far as I know, not this thursday, probably next thursday if there’s interest (at coast city). I think Matt is going to try to host again this friday, he’ll probably post details pretty soon if he does. You should try to make it to that, Quivitar. It gets pretty hype!

So I am all for keeping it alive this Friday at my house, but I have to work again like last Friday so y’all will have to start without me. If it’s cool with my brother, show up anytime after 8:30pm or so? I will let you guys know for sure later in a couple of days.

And, yea those tournements are getting intense as hell haha! And if past tourneys are any indication, I believe this week I’m gonna make you guys look FREE!!

The next street fightter night at Coast City will be on June 17th. If you are interested in attending then please let me know.

I would be so down for next week @ coast city.

id show up to this friday gig tomorrow but im hosting my friends birthday party

I would be so down for next week @ coast city.

id show up to this friday gig tomorrow but im hosting my friends birthday party

Yea, sorry for the late info here, but I will NOT be hosting tonight at my house.:crybaby: Gotta work late and my bro has plans, but this is really a blessing in disguise, because I think we will need the small break. I am planning on a BIG week of Southern Maine SSF4 action! I’m getting hyped just thinking about it lol!

As we know, dreadl0000rds tourney is next weekend, on Sunday the 20th (GO TO THIS). And as Chadventure posted earlier, Coast City is on for hosting this Thursday (GO TO THIS). I will be hosting Friday at my house in South Portland. Open invite to any one who can make it. And if my work week allows it, a smaller, lowkey gathering on Wednesday the 16th at my house to kick off the whole thing.

I’m down for this. :nunchuck:

Yeahhhhhh boi, me and Symetrian will be up this Friday man. My whole weekend is packed with SSF4 lol, Your house friday, Some casuals at my house on Saturday and the tourney on Sunday. This is gonna be a sweet ass weekend.

ill be checking this out tomorrow afternoon to see if things are going down then. im going to try to make it to all of these events. i have an xbox360 TE stick. should i bring it?

So nothing big happening at my place tomorrow night, just some casual shit with a couple peeps, but yea Im hyped for Coast City on Thursday, and of course its going down at my house Friday night, and then Sunday is the tourney down in Kittery. We play mainly on 360 at my house, and Chad at Coast City has a 360 set up so you may want to have then on you just in case other sticks are not available, but I know I will have mine and MoxManiac will probaby bring his TE so thats all we will need. Glad you will be making out to these events man, we are all hungry for new players!

Just a FYI, these events are open to anyone at any level of skill. My house is chill (and yet hype at the same time!) and you are free to do as you please regarding drinking and burning. We usually just keep it loose casual play until we feel like getting some crude brackets scribbled out haha. If you are interested in coming out friday to my house, then pm for directions, or meet up with me on thursday at Coast City.

Hey guys, I’m sad to announce that Street Fighter night will not be happening this week. We have a lot to do in the store for our one year anniversary party on Saturday and fitting the fight night in as well is too much. Sorry for everyone who was psyched about this. I’m not sure when we’ll be having them again in the future, but I’ll keep you all updated about it.

Ah, sorry to hear about that Chad. Dissapointed about less SSF4 action this week, but it’s cool.