Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!

I wonder when Matt’s gonna get another Fight Night scheduled…

Wouldnt matter for me. Im never able to make any of them <sadface>

I’m in the opposite boat. His Fight Nights are the only things I can make it to.


Promise me you’ll wear that shirt to every event you go to. It’s just too awesome.

Pumped for 3SO

Ok guys, I need a fight night. Tried to talk the woman into hosting it at my house but shes worried about the noise. Matt when do you plan on hosting a fight night, anytime this week? Im so sick of online play its gradually making me hate fighting games in general. With third strike coming out this week I think you should host one. Let me know so I can give her a heads up.

Who wants that ass whooped in third strike.

meee! but i’ll be online after midnight :o

Love these new kids on 3rd Strike. I guess I’m a turbo using Remy.

I’m in the top 10 Remy players on Live right now. <3

I wish the Ranked battles were found a little faster. I would like to see what I can get my Akuma up to.

When I finally get Internet, I’ll get 3S, but I’m not sure which character I should use. I’m thinking Alex…

hey, i might actually make an effort to get into fighters now that i have a car and will be periodically commuting to smcc. is there any events/weeklies/biweeklies that i should be aware of?

This Sunday. Be there and rep Maine!

Fight night soon? I wanna get together and play.

Matt has vanished, we will need to find a new location to make this shit happen.

I’d be willing to host, but I don’t have much space (or chairs lol)

I was thinking about hosting a fight night in my back yard. I was gonna setup a grill, some chairs and a projector. Start a nice fire have 2-3 setups going one being on a projector, get my grill on. Kind of an outside fight night. Let me know if this would interest anyone. I wanna do it before it starts getting to cold outside.

I’d show up!

I’m down for a fight night Saturday or Sunday. Got work off.

Also, I loving this Vergil alt color. Looks pretty slick.