Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!

What’s the good word, guys?

Oh not much,…Just waiting for a get together. Going to Octobers Souper Bowl tournament after my long break, hoping to do some damage.

Return of the Maine demon.

Anyone up for some sets this weekend. Im thinking about picking AE on the PC since the net coding on the xbox is so fucking ass.

Do that and we’ll be playing together a lot more often. Only downside about PC is the players are ass.

Word i gotta budget out some bills but im hoping to get it this week.

I’m down for some Mahvel!

I’m up for some. I’m thinking about entering this time around at the Souper Bowl. Got a new team lined up.

Your never on! other wise id love some marvel sets. I got no one else to play with.

Im still deciding if i want to take the trip down to this souper bowl. I was honestly expecting it around oct 20 something.

I know, sorry man :frowning: Been working crazy overtime and it’s only going to get more frequent in the next couple months. I’ll try to get on tonight for some marvel! (maybe some 3rd strike and AE too)

Yeahhhh boyyy, Third Strike patch day. Finally can actually start playing ranked now.

My girlfriend went into Gamestop yesterday and the clerk behind the counter told her they’re going to have a midnight tournament of UMvC3 for release. I’m going to the Maine Mall on Monday to make sure this is true.

0oo0o0o00oh, I really hope that is true. I love game stop tournaments. I remember going to the SF4 Gametop tourney in the vanilla days. It was so funny to beat down a shit ton of little kids, then end up not even going to qualifying round 2 in New Hampshire.

I’ll be down for that if it’s happening :smiley:

EDIT: be sure to check if they’re okay with people using arcade sticks, I can’t play Marvel on pad for the life of me…

So im playing AE last night,…this girl beats me. Put’s her tits on her fight stick and sends me a picture of it. I think I found my soul mate.

pics or it didn’t happen. also, girls don’t play fighters because they don’t have the proper hand eye coordination

LOL! thats true they dont unless its mario.


Hold right to win.


I sent a picture of my hairy ass and a friend request but never heard anything back :wink: jay kay

UMvC3 tournament on broken ass xbox pads? Where do I sign up D: