Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


Any more details on that? I think I’ll be able to get over there


If I magically get work off I’ll head on over!


It’s the same as my username here: Calcos323. I’m down for anything as well.


Thanks man:tup:

Anyone interested in coming please **private message Komradekraig **for the address and time to start showing up.

I’ve got some extra pixie dust in the basement:D


I’ll definitely do my best to make it to that fighter’s den. Haven’t been to an event or tournament in so long.

Thanks for the tips newblood. I did use hulk in vanilla (you probably don’t remember, but my vanilla team was chris/hulk/doom) but I never used an OTG assist so I never got dat hulk damage off an air throw. I did have some OTG tricks/combos with hidden missles though Was definitely some great casuals the other night. Not enough people in maine here play marvel, i can tell you that.


No doubt, I usually only get to play against NH folks whenever we get together which isn’t often enough. Most of the time we are all in training mode since online tends to be a bit subpar. We should start doing a little AE before Marvel. We already know that we won’t make the switch once the crack is on. Good games again this evening; gotta work on my ironfist team for the Den.


I hate the game. I gave it a honest second try when the new version came out, but I couldn’t bring myself to liking the game.

Also, I’m probably hosting a $2 tournament in Wells at this pop-punk show if you guys are into that. Nothing huge at all. My buddy ask me to host a side event while the bands played. Still working on what game is going to be played there.



anyone wanna play today that has an extra stick? marvel, AE anything I’m bored out of my mind and left my xbox in Orono.


So what time does this fighters den start. I get out at 5pm and was driving down with josh.


I’ll be there at noon on Friday. You have to private message him for the address, he wont post it; as a reminder. Nice games last night Calcos make that Vega hot. Hopefully you got to see Sinister last night playing that fresh Hulk. I definitely have a few new combos to try tonight when I’m home. He is so good:pray: .


I just got a new job! I’m going to be a Customer Sales Rep. for Cutco Knives and Cutlery through Vector Marketing. I did see Sinister play Hulk, and man, that shit was crazy. I think you need to edit your team a little, though. You need to have your own identity, lol.


I’ll probably be heading down in the mid afternoon to the Fighter’s Den thingy


I worked for cutco when I was in college. Their product is actually really good. It is also an easy sell so you should make a good amount of dough. As for Sinister, he is really playing the optimal Hulk team. With the lack of any real otg assists in this game my choice boils down to Wesker (refuse), X-23(glass), She-Hulk (does interest me), Ghost Rider (one dimensional), Ironfist (otg too slow), firebrand (glass, otg too slow). If hulk got the cap treatment and combo off his own otg I would consider changing deadpool. Task is one of the best anchors in the game now, why change?

I think my B team expresses more of my style in Hsien-Ko, Ironfist, and Task. They have some good chemistry. I’ll show that Friday;) .


is this going to get regular again soon? I’ve been messing with SF AE and KoF has stolen my heart but ive yet to pick up a copy. i was afraid that everyone was invested in marvel now (which i like but will forever suck at)

Also: Add me @ Quivistar if you haven’t already. I know I have dusty on here, not sure who else


Anyone up for some serious sets of Marvel tonight? I suppose I will play shitty AE if I must but id prefer to stick to my main game =)
First to 50, lets run this shit.


Today’s the day! Get hype!

(Man, I hope I don’t get lost looking for the place…)


GET DRUNK AND HIGH AS FUCK! YEAH!,…wait what are we doing today?


Amazing play by everyone last night! I had lots of fun, and I can’t WAIT for the next gathering!


Yes it was! I can’t wait either, it was awesome to meet more of the local scene

Also, Dreadlord, here’s the guy I was telling you about last nght, the french dudley player


That’s his most recent, it’s a best of december. He also puts out full matches every so often so check out some of his other videos.


hey I’m on now if anyone wants to play a few sets of AE.