Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


Yeah hes very offensive and I like it…Hope to get my Dudley up to that point some day. I can only do the most basic shit with him. I have tried linking his forward medium punch into standing roundhouse and the timing for a lot of his combos like that is very strict. Never mind trying to do it on someone else’s setup.


Sorry I didn’t get on last night Calvin and Josh like I said I would. My girlfriend made an unexpected visit to come see me, one thing led to another, I looked at the clock and its 1:00am…the way she goes. Im hoping to play tonight at some point but no promises haha. I want to get in some sets so I can practice up on my Storm.


Not a problem, bro. Stuff like that happens.


I’m going to be streaming tonight over at the House of Hem. Check around 6pm to tune in. List of games will be playing tonight is:

Last Blade 2
Street Fighter 3: Third Stike
Marvel vs Capcom
Garou: Mark of the motherfucking Wolves


Did you drop firebrand, calcos?


You must’ve read my signature. Yeah, I feel that I’m not taking advantage of his mix-up and reset game as much as I should. It wouldn’t be so bad if resets were his only real way of doing damage. Besides, I’ve always liked Frank West in this game, and Frank West/Dante are one of the more prominent BFF teams out there.


Might be a good move for you; I liked your firebrand though:(. My only concern with potential Frank West teams is that each requires a specific way to level him up to at least level 3. It’s an issue Noel Brown seems to have if Wolverine dies too soon for instance. Looking forward to seeing it in action though, frank seems really cool!


Winter Brawl is going to be so sick. Time to seriously start practicing. Calvin we will hook up this weekend and plan some shit out to make this happen, and get some sets in while we’re at it. I’ll be on tonight if anyone wants to run some sets,…in Marvel or AE. No girlfriend till Monday.


ALSO, I want to record some sets of Marvel to throw on my youtube page. Looking into getting it back up and running with more recent footage. Let me know who wants to play so I can get the setup ready for recording. Great way to analyse your game and improve it to see what your doing wrong and why your eating shit in certain situations.


Fuck I’ll run a set with my shitty vanilla team. I can do Zero’s buster combos now.


I’ll be working a bit this weekend, but I should be able to get some local play in.


Ok, tonight is a street fighter night. Who wants to get in some sets in AE.


I should be on later tonight, maybe around 8.


HDR Akuma players=Scum of the Earth.

I can never play a decent set without one dickhead playing the asshole and claiming my Honda/Fei is ass.


Thats not true bud, we played last night and I used Akuma and got wrecked = ) Then the connection got shitty and we decided to play a mans game,…Third Strike…thats where its at baby.


You don’t air fireball enough. Also Akuma can’t get stun.


what time and what’s the name of the lobby?
I’ll try and get on later tonight.


Well, since I have the entire day to my self in 1 hour. Ill be playing for 5:30 - 1:00am
anytime is good, add me on XBL “dreadl0000rd” <- 4 Zero’s


just added you. snowed in tonight. choice is do some stupid drinking downtown later or throw hella zonk knuckles

tito; add me at Quivistar if you please


Oh I forgot. Most people are on 360s My psn is freestater1