Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


Good matches, dread! I look forward to our future encounters.


Lol good games last night bud. Its a shame the connection got shitty towards the end but it was still fun. Hit me up whenever you see me on.


Akuma vs zangief in HDR is like a 9-1 matchup :frowning:


WHOOOOO!,…not my Akuma haha. I don’t see the point of investing ANY time in that game. Its basically been dropped from every tournament forever, the only character I like is illegal…


I still play it because it’s a fun game. I’ll drop everything when I get my CvS2 on XBLA.


Serious question, for the people that I actually play Marvel with consistently, which of my 2 characters gives you a harder time. My Wesker, or my Taskmaster. Still having an identity crisis and i’m trying to make the best possible team I can for my play style. Taskmaster,…I don’t drop those combos very often, but Wesker? The teleports,…ooohhhh the teleports how I miss them so much. Little feed back would be helpful.


Who’s your team again Dread? All I can remember is Akuma. Why don’t you just put both on your team? Taskmaster/Akuma/Wesker in that order.



Check out this dirty ass TE template my buddy made for me.


That’s sick, bro! About the character choice thing, I would keep your Tasky, and switch Wesker with Storm. You can do some sick shit with her, and I personally think she a better fit for you overall.


Well recently, once you told me how to combo off flight mid screen with Magneto after they fucked him over in Ultimate, I started using him and REALLY training hard. The dirty shit I could do with storm, I can now do even better with Magneto. Disrupter is still much better than her whirlwind considering it got nerfed. I’m still trying some things out, but as of right now, Magneto, Akuma, Taskmaster feels pretty solid. My win percentage has taken a huge hit after dropping my main team. Having a very hard time doing crossup assists with no teleport though, so im finding it very hard to open opponents up right now without Wesker. On the plus side I did some research today and I guess Akumas teleport actually works really good for the crossover assist so I gotta try that out tonight at some point. With all this said, this is why I love Marvel,…the ideas and things you can come up with endless possibilities,…you just cant get that in another fighting game.


Haven’t played you extensively (will have to change that soon), but an average Wesker is a lot more threatening than a good Storm imo. Having both her and Akuma on your team is a happy birthday dream come true with such low health between them both. Storm’s specials/normals also have some pretty bad start up and recovery making her heavily punishable. But I also havent had the liberty of playing your Storm yet, so judgement reserved. Your Akuma is strong and clearly the character you are most comfortable with so i would anchor him.

He is also your best assist so it makes even more sense to protect him by placing him in that 3 spot. Wesker is also far more dangerous with an assist especially with the gun nerf in this addition, making the 2 spot on your team a great position for him. Taskmaster doesn’t need meter to do big damage and has all the tools/health to destroy someone’s point character without much effort so you will always have the advantage from the jump unless it’s Zero. Just my two cents from what I have seen of your play thus far:tup: .


I like your take on that. You are correct with the fact that storm eats shit right out the gate and in most cases when I was using her, during some games she wouldn’t even get a hit in. I never thought about using Akuma as an anchor, never came to mind. Basically I have rekindled my love of Magneto which is who I used vanilla. I was torn between dropping Taskmaster for Wesker and vice versa. The team im anxious to get in the lab will be Magneto on point, Wesker as assist and Akuma as anchor now that you brought that to my attention. That being said, THAT was my vanilla team, just in a different order. I got some testing to do though, thanks for the input newblood.


No problem man, we are all here to get better (I hope;)). If the comebacks Justin has posted with him weren’t enough proof, Akuma has comeback ability in spades. Characters who are mobile, have air options, overheads (to assist with opening up good defensive players), projectiles, invincible supers make fantastic anchors…Akuma has all of those and his spin kick negates low-medium durability projectiles/beams (geeze!). I always look to the health as a major aspect of judging a character and lower health usually means they have some really broken/powerful shit. Akuma with xfc lvl 3, 3-5 levels of super, after having to deal with a combination of Magnus/Wesker/Taskmaster means your just cleaning up the scraps most of the time without breaking a sweat lol. Regardless of whom you choose to role with all of them are powerful enough to take out half if not full teams by themselves. Overheads are also generally slow, but not in xfc lvl 3, which makes it even easier to open someone up for a combo.


I poop on you kids talking about MvC3 so much.


Zero for life


It’s the best!


@Dread: GGs, yeah my roommate started torrenting and then by the time he was done you guys were up on marvel haa. ended up watching REAL STEEL; almost worth it since it was hilariously awful

@Dusty: yer showin’ up on friends’ facebook statuses but you haven’t added me: talk about shots fired. also im happy to play notmarvel with you whenever because I dont have uMVC3. (might pick that or KoF up though.)


Well what’s your name? I dunno it! I’m awful like that.


Work just hooked me up like a boss, they bought us all brand new wireless headsets for our phones haha. Now I can bring my work headset home that I bought and use it for my XBL headset…its a good day.


I gotta play more ;_;


Me too. League of Legends is taking up a good chunk of my time. I need to fix that.