Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


Yes,…yes you do ; ) lol Thursday and Friday every week are my days to play. No girlfriend, no daughter.


Dusty: we have the same name bro. also you got it already lawls

so should i pick up umvc or king of fighters? or wait on blazblue and be one of THOSE guys


Pick up KOF.


Pick up Marvel = ) Just cant beat it. Even if you don’t want to excel and try to be the best, there is always Heroes and Heralds to dick with which is really fun.


Anyone up for some games tonight. Can come to my place, or ill go to yours. So sick of online, Calvin hit me up if you wanna chill out and get in some sets.


Damn thats tempting…


Come on over bro, I really ain’t got shit to sit on, but ill play on the floor if I gotta so you can sit haha. Calvins coming over for some sets and hes bringing a chair as well haha. Ill be home by 7 and that’s when we will most likely be starting. Feel free to stay as late as you want.


Ryan message me your address. I might stop tonight to play some games.


Bring some chairs dustin :stuck_out_tongue:


I play on the floor half of the time nowadays because I’m balla like that.

EDIT: Someone get on SF tonight. Fuck.


Good games to dread and calcos, would have stayed longer but i had a suprisingly hazardous drive home - the roads were definitely worse then they looked!


That’s ok, I can’t blame you one bit. I love living 2 minutes away from a buddy that plays fighters. It’s so easy to get some practice in.


Good games last night, Calvin ill hit you up next time to come over. Shit possibly tonight, im not doing much but wont be home till about the same time.


Probably not tonight, as I have LOTS of shit to do for my new job. Maybe next week.


“Remy is broken.”





hayao is one of my favorite grappler players. just out of control in every way.


Anyone looking at Soul Caliber?

I’m not usually much for 3D fighters but until who knows, I’ve also never been so in to fighters period.


I wanna get it, but I need to save my money for Winter Brawl and PAX East.


I am very surprised at how good SC5 looks. The fighting system looks completely revamped.