Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


Just watched FOCUS for the first time. One hell of a documentary.


Yeah FOCUS was good with Mike Ross, I think I got next gives the best idea of how the FGC works, and the king of chinatown is just plain awesome.


Keep at it man! I hope a lot of you guys take the Soul Caliber plunge next week. I hear “honest fighter” thrown around a lot in reference to KOF 13; I think this iteration ofSoul Caliber has the pedigree to fall amongst that class with Tekken, KOF 13 etc. Should be a lot of fun with all of the changes made.


WHY CANT I FIND MY 2nd HDMI CABLE!!! I just loaded my PC with Mame and pretty much all the best fighters you can find. Xmen vs Street Fighter, Darkstalkers ect,…got my setup going in the bedroom with my xbox as Josh and Calvin know…and I have no cable to hook up my tower to my TV…Once I locate it, who wants to get in some epic old fighting game sets = ) PS…I love alpha…


I didn’t like King of Chinatown very much :[ Just seemed like a shady business documentary that happened to be involved in the fgc.

FOCUS was amazing, I still need to watch I Got Next.


Found my cord…oh yes.


I’m down, dread haha. The gf is out of town this upcoming weekend so I’ll have more free time then usual.


Sounds good man, working on building up that library and making my setup sweet tonight or tomorrow. Gotta up the game library too, only got some Alphas, Darkstalkers, and dungeons and dragons tower of doom,…amazing game. Trying to get all the best old fighters on there.




Lol that is so old school, I dont know why, but JR had this weird obsession with destroying me in MVC2 haha. Hed always ask to play, and im like yo im awful at this game,…as you can see haha.


Anyone want to come by for some sets tonight? Hit me up and ill tell you when to head on over.


23 Members

When the fuck did Maine get 23 players? And why the hell are they not on here?


I saw that on fb as well, who are those people? Well, aside from matt and calvin haha


Dunno, I’m requesting to join the group. Hopefully they’re decent and their don’t just fucking faceroll on they arcade sticks/paddles.

Also I’m killing the scene.


I guess i’m confused, I dont use facebook but there is a group of 23 kids that supposedly play fighting games? They 12? Basically if you arnt on here, you are not part of the fighting game community of Maine. We are the vets lol, i think we would of discovered anyone that takes them seriously by now.


I got my MAME working perfectly now, fightsticks recognized and everything. Last night I was playing Street Fighter vs X-men and Darkstalkers after Calvin left. I couldn’t stop haha. I was deadset on trying to do some sweet combo in SFvXM but fuck is that game weird. Anyone wanna swing by and play some AE or some really old school shit, hit me up.


Well, it’s definitely worth a try. It’s possible that they just discovered the wonders of FG’s, but many of them own sticks, so that’s a good sign. I’m gonna make sure that they know about this thread, and that they post in it constantly.


I’d just like to say that there is some pretty decent players in the group. I’m more of a casual player who wants to get involved.


This is great to hear. I see you have a fight night coming up pretty soon. I’ll stop by to see who’s been hiding and why they haven’t traveled around to tournaments to rep Maine.


Can’t wait to meet you Dusty! And to Dreadl0000rd, we made this group because we wanted to find more people to play with, and we take it seriously. Just because we weren’t on this thread yet doesn’t make us any less A part of the Maine fight game community.