Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


How’s it going, k-dime. Joined your group. Dread’s a cool guy, he didn’t mean anything by it. I might try to make it to that fight night too. What games do you guys play?


Lets see where should I begin, well I’m not very competitive; extremely laid back and a lover of all fighting games and a master of none. I prefer my fightpads over sticks and yes I’ve tried using them. Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition is my FG of choice at the present, Adon being my main.


I don’t expect dread to be a bad guy or anything, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that we are more than 12 year old button mashers.
My name is Tom, I am relatively new to fight games but I play A LOT and am always looking to play and learn more about the games! I mainly play UMvC3 (Nemesis, Dormammu, Sentinel) and 3S:OE (Ken). Can’t wait to meet and play against all of the SRK members here in Maine!


I didn’t wanna come off as a dick, its just a huge shock when we somehow discover new fighting game players and theyre not on SRK when we’ve been gathering for 4 years, but hey…I welcome you all with open arms. Im always down for playing new people. Marvel is my main game but I play everything,…and I mean EVERYTHING. Feel free to hit me up on XBL for some sets, if im on,…Im willing to play. GT is dreadl0000rd <–4 Zero’s


Why Capcom? Why do you hate me? I’ll never be able to play Mega Man in a fighter again.


This announcement is the greatest troll in video game history.


I put in a request on that group, what the heck. The scene just grew x5.


And I couldn’t be happier. It’s nice to finally find some people, especially people that live 2 seconds away from me! We’ll have to get some big streams going, and I’m sure Dusty can help out with that.


Dusty streams? sick


As do I.


Guess i’ll have to play those characters on the vita version…


I honestly dont know how to feel about the whole thing. The fact that PS3 gets a total of 5 exclusive characters while us Xboxer’s are left sitting here scratching our heads. 1 character pers console like Kratos in MK9 or something I could understand, but only the PS3 getting 5? Well that’s a little fucked. Deep inside, im really mad at Capcom for doing something like that, but obviously Sony has a shit ton of money to throw at em to raise their sales for their version. The only upside I see, would be the fact that the Xbox is a pure version and will most likely be the tournament standard. I guess what im really upset about is, instead of causing all this drama by giving one console 5 characters and the other none. I think just putting 5 real fighters instead of guest characters would of been a better plan, instead of 5 wasted characters that will never see the light of tournaments.


I’m thinking Mega Man and Pac Man will be DLC later for 360. Just like how the whole Yoda/Darth Vader thing went for SC4.


360 doesn’t get Mega MAN!? There goes my team MAN.

Kuma/Mega Man. . . someday


Streaming? AWESOME. I was just mentioning that DrSauce aka the FIGHT ME coordinator about that the other day. It’s utterly fantastic that we are sort of combining our forces together in a way lol.


Why’s he gotta be so fat haha. I just don’t get it, as when I look at all the old box arts, he looks to be in relatively good shape. He looks more like Frank West drunk and fat in an old school mega man outfit. As soon as they announce Dudley,…its on. Dudley + Steve Fox ='s BFF’s


Yeah man that’s who I’m waiting for too! lmao

A buddy of mine keeps telling me no way, but I’m carrying the fire.


With Balrog in the game Dudley won’t make the cut. 3 boxers? won’t happen. I want more characters that haven’t been represented in a while Karen or Elena specifically.


This was back in Nov and it went into full detail about Mega Man and Pac Man.