Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


Stoked about Leo since he’s the only character I played in T6.


My team will be Vega/King. Let’s do this.


I’m just excited to have Hugo and Rufus in the same game.


Elena and Christie? Team Capoeira!


Get off my team man! >_<


There’s plenty of characters to go around, children!


Says the youngest in the thread ; )


Who wants to run some sets with the Dudster tonight,…feelin frisky and I wanna get my hands on you… LES GO!


I may be on later, idk, I know that my Dudles needs some real work


Well hit me up if you wanna get some games in. I dont know what your GT is and I dont know if you know mine.


I might if i feel up to it


You should just come on over = ) so we can kick it old school and play some fun stuff = D


my gt is



Good games last night Quiv, your Cody is pretty good.


Found some video this guy put of my Dudley online…random.




I’m enjoying SCV quite a bit

Best Yoshi in ME



LOL our thread is about as popular and fun as a funeral home…putting that aside…Anyone own SCV that can give me some insight on it. Deciding on buying either KOF13 or SCV…the problem i’m having is SCV, as gorgeous as it looks, no matter how “pro” these players are. It looks like straight up button mashing in every single match I watch. I just don’t see the technical aspect of the game. Just looks extremely basic,…any input?


As a 1 day veteran of SCV there is more to it than it looks like.

Sidestepping certain moves, guard breaks, just defends, some moves have special properties if you input another button at a frame specific time, hitting off the ground, ring outs, etc idk. I still have a lot to learn but there’s more going on than button mashing. A lot of combos are unsafe so you have to watch out for that but idk, I’m brand new to it.


Well thats better than nothing haha thanks man.