Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


Don’t post much since I’m getting ready for Winter Brawl. Someone needs to rep Maine.


Just try not to place last eh? ; ) Just kidding, I wish you the best of luck good sir. Don’t be free!


Going for first and nothing less.


Meant try not to haha.


You get to Grand Finals, and I’m buying you dinner. You have my word.


Going to that fight night tonight in Biddeford.


Awesome! It was excellent on Tuesday, so it should be good again.


Sorry for not going, but I was hoping there would be multiple setups, and the way my setup is, unhooking everything would prove to be the biggest pain in the ass.
The funny part is, I live 1 street over from where you were hosting this, convenient.


Just filled out my application to BrokenTier. Wish Dusty and I luck!


My cup is filled with these bro gamer’s tears on SC5. Got three rage quits in a row and all three messages telling me I’m a faggot. I envy some of their names, like d4rk3st pwn. It’s a real GT. Look it up.


This is one of the bigger reasons why I want this game. I’ve called this before, but I’ll call it again. In about a month or 2, the old SC community is going to abandon this game because the general FG community is playing this game, learning the system, and destroying the older players.


Can I get feedback from you guys on a post I made here?


I’m not too sure what I should post, but I’m fairly certain that this is an honest truth: There shouldn’t be a Mass. scene, or a Maine scene, or an NH scene. Everything should all be under a New England scene. It makes sense because we have brothers in arms in NH and MA, and I really don’t consider them members of a different scene.


Agreed. The only reason why there is separation in my opinion, is the inherent laziness most gamers share with driving or commuting more than 20 mins to get some games in. If more were willing to extend themselves to commute even an hour, than complaints of not having enough people to play with would cease. Uncle Sam isn’t assisting with the high gas prices, but this is an expensive hobby/passion; we knew this from the beginning. Now players need to be “enticed” with money and hopes of competition rather than venturing out and meeting some cool people who may be able to assist you in endeavors outside of gaming…


20 minutes, id easily be down for that, when ever, where ever. Its the 1-2 hour drives where I gotta say nay. That fight night that was held at Craig’s house was pretty awesome. VERY close for me and Josh and was worth the drive. The ones in NH and what not are pushing it. Basically if a tournament turn out was worth the drive (more than 20-30 people) then its worth going to. Honestly payout isn’t my main concern, with a tournament, the atmosphere is.


I agree completely. The overall hype and excitement is what gets me to tourneys, not payout, and I’m pretty sure lots of people agree. I’ll have to keep up with the forums to see what tournaments are going on, because I always forget to check.


I gotta disagree, there are much more expensive hobbies than this, other than initial cost of a stick and even that is optional there isn’t a steady need for money to be pumped into it. Half a tank of gas every now and then isn’t a high price.

I drove an hour to get to Craig’s house that time and I’d do it again in a heartbeat (school/life permitting)

I’m new to this type of hobby/scene though so what do I know.

I do know it’s awesome and whenever I’ve gone to anything it’s always been fun.


FC Jagos Cross Assault video is so awesome…dudes got my vote.
The Dr. Subzero one is pretty tight as well, but I still have never heard of that guy haha.



I play characters that make people want to cut their wrist.


Been playing KOFXIII online post-patch and the netcode is fucking SOLID. Been playing 4 bar matches on ranked and and feels great. Too bad I am so bad at this game. :frowning: