Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


Holy moly, the online is good now? Fuck yeah. That was the only thing that was stopping me play this game non-stop.


I’ve been hearing the same thing, so I’ll probably pick this game up sometime after I save up some cash!


Amazon has it for $40.

Maxima is the shit.


lol. I love Maxima. his guard point just destroys certain characters (and gets owned by others) and I have heard word around the interweb that the online is more stable now. I gotta get back into kof–probably my favorite game right now but I keep playing soul caliber (astaroth) and marvel (haggar dropkick combos lol).



Yeah, me and kraig seem to like playing as big beastly men.


Tournament coming up on the 11th of March.




Hey Dustin, how was Winter Brawl? Did you do well?


Winter Brawl was balla and yes I did well for my first major. I had a killer pool and Flash Metroid knocked me into losers.


Well, if you’re going to lose, at least it’s to a top player. If I may ask, who knocked you out of the tournament?


Random boxer player. He wasn’t bad at all! I just find boxer hard to beat when they get the life lead and decide to turtle up.


Were you using Rose or Bison for that Rog match? With Rose, it shoulda been money.


I used both. The guy just out played me.

Also my ST match that Damdai recorded. I’m using Honda.

And the New England one dollar tournament room.


Anyone up for a possible fight night tonight? I got chairs, and TV’s…just need bodies. Let me know so I can get things situated.


I won’t be able to go tonight, but I am heading to Shaun’s place tomorrow night.


I can go tonight, but that’s because I live 2 minutes away lol. Just text me with info on when I should show up.


Word, well obviously your allowed over when ever the hell you want lol, its not very inconvenient for either of us. Good news man, I got you a brand new nice computer chair to sit on, no more metal chair for the 70’s lol. My work gives me the hook up on computer chairs and monitors lol. So I honestly dont think anyone else is going to show, so you can just head over tonight and we will run some shit. Bring SCV as well, I wanna continue playing that.


Is that Merkilo in the new england room?

Damn dread, you always pick the worst days for me lol. I could come up friday if you’re not busy then.


Friday works too man.