Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


Tons of recognizable faces in that video from Dustin. Merkilo, Noobtron, Lucky D, Gridman,


So just a heads up, I don’t see any post’s or info on this fight night that’s happening in Biddeford tonight. I’m told by others its tonight and
luckily i remember the address from the last time, but you guys should really post it on here and not facebook, you might get some others to turn up.


Calvin, I just spotted something about your SCV fight stick that pisses me off. The PS3 version has 2 USB ports in the front for a headset, and a keyboad…while the xbox has 1 lame ass head phone jack…I’m getting really sick of PS3. They get everything and yet, they suck so much.


25 Union St Apt#2. I’m not heading there tonight because of work.


Shaun just said it’s cancelled, dread. And PS3 rox :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it looks like im sitting at home and playing ranked online then…and PS3 blows ; )


Anyone have any clue as to why when I try to create a justin.tv or twitch account, it just sits there and spins, or says you have been banned. I get this from both websites, and I can replicate the issue for 5 different computers and 3 different internet providers…its done this ever since I can remember. I wanna stream the next fight night Im hosting at my house.


you have streaming stuff? :o


Try e-mailing them. I have no clue why that would happen.

Just got mine in today. So I won’t just be streaming games off my computer. I’ll be test streaming a ton tonight. Dark Souls sounds like it’ll be fun to do.


Well yah lol, how do you think I recorded all of our matches back in the day. Im in the process of getting my PC setup right behind my new TV so I can stream everything I play, or at least record my matches. I just always have the issue with justin.tv and twitch not letting me log in from everywhere I am.


Time to train…cause i’m going to CEO in June! Mom lives an hour away from Orlando ha ha. Free place to stay, cant go wrong.


You all wanna come down for a 6-game event in South VT? (Brattleboro) It’s only about 3 hours away, but there are $50 hotels nearby if you want that. Hit the thread in my signature if you want in:


We’ve been discussing it, Cla, and a few of us definitely want to get there.


I wanna go to CEO…


dang i remember good ole Maine … Bath FTW… :tup: :coffee:


I’m so pumped, if I never make it to EVO in my life, then at least I can say I have gone to CEO. I think Tokido one the last one,…which means if he’s there, then its worth going. If anyone wants to save up the cash for a plane ticket down, you can stay with me for the weekend or whatever. I will be there for a week.


It’s in June, right? I’ll see what I can do…


Wow. Cross Assault is tearing this community apart. It needs to stop, and it needs to stop now, before it gets worse. I fear for the scene’s future right now. First the Mike Ross/FC Jago blowup, then SuperYan quitting on allegations of harrassment from Aris. What’s next? I don’t know, but what I do know is that this isn’t good for the community as a whole. I’m going to do my best to remain optimistic, but it’s difficult, considering that each day this goes on, it brings another challenge to the scene.


People shouldn’t really care. They’re players, just like me and you. Treat them as such, not like superstars.


This should be your last concern in life lol. The Jago and Mike Ross thing is more like a show, people love old school Rivals, Justin/Daigo for example. We haven’t really had that in a while so I think Jago just likes to bring a little fire to the scene. The crossassault is retarded to me. Team street fighter is full of players who have execution and a fairly wide knowledge of current fighting games, against Team Tekken,…who had Kor…that got eliminated first day. The show makes no sense to me what so ever, and when I found out it would have its current people as the cast,…im really all set. I think the episode where actual “pros” were flown in,…now that was actually entertaining. Superyan being bullied or harassed?,…shit I would to, that girl is fluffy in all the right spots. Gotta get my in.