Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!


Finally got my Dazzle HD in today. Now I need to get a S-Video cord. Fun.


Guys, I’m writing an article about the sexual harassment controversy in Cross Assault for theadventurersguild.org. If you would like to put in your two cents, please call me on Skype or email me. My Skype handle is calcos323, and my email address is calcos323@gmail.com


Looking for someone to run some sets. I wanna record some Third Strike matches and Marvel matches. Just hit me up!


I’m up for some 3rd strike later tonight. First to 10?


dusty, if you ever need any cords for anything, hit up monoprice.com. best prices, fastest delivery, and better quality than most anywhere else.


Gotta prove it my friend.:smiley: I cant sit back and let you claim that title if its not true.:badboy:


Yeah, it’s good for fun and kidding around, but until the whole North v. South thing happens, and you prove it once and for all, it’s looking really pompous when you say it that much. Just my two cents. If I’m taking this too seriously, I’ll shutup.


Dustin, thought you would like this.


wtf is that lol


Pure awesomeness


Bison riding a calf on rainbow road certainly comes close.

They even have matching hats!


Its Bison riding,…a Bison lol.


What a strange spot to post. Can someone decipher this for me and tell me exactly what that is? A North vs South?..Where are all these guys coming from…I’m so confused. So there is a FG tourney in Bangor on March 16?


ya, they just joined the facebook group. Thats where it came from. bangor has a scene lol.

I know your anti-fb but just make an account as dreadlord and use an akuma pic or something.


I refuse to give into the idea of facebook being the spot to check for FGC news lol >_< I just cant bring my self to that point. Ill be going to this tourney though,…hope its worth the 3 hour drive.


Calcos and I are probably going to carpool, idk what he drives and I drive a little civic hatchback.

and that is not a bison!

this is a bison


Hello everyone, I wanted to bring to your attention that I have created a new thread for the Maine FGC. I don’t want this threads title to throw people off, and with all the new players coming about, I want them to be able to communicate through SRK and not so much Facebook. I Want to show them they are missing out on a lot of great stuff here on SRK. So Welcome! The new thread, is at your disposal.


let’s do this. north vs. south. I haven’t been playing much lately but i think i still got it, lol




Whats good Portland? You letting this Round 1 place with Jap cabs go to waste?

Yall should be ashamed