Portland Area: Looking for a venue?


Hey, so I’m currently trying to reach out to the local fighting game community in/around Portland about setting up events. The place I work, The Gameroom, has a pretty good setup I think for fighting games. 7 TVs hooked up to 360s in the front area, plus a projector and a couple CRTs in the back area. There’s food and drink on premises as well.

Basically, I recently decided I wanted to start playing SFIV again, but in the meantime, it’d be pretty cool to host events at my work as well. I don’t know how big the community is in this area, but if anyone’s interested in setting up an event, casual or otherwise, let me know. The Gameroom is also on Facebook. We’re located in downtown Milwaukie.


Hey, this thread is just like Portland / Salem folks - Interested in Weekly / Monthly tournaments?

Sounds cool, theres a Friday tri-weekly meeting at Guardian Games, which is more local. Milwaukie is far for some people as a lot of people lack cars in the community, but I’ve made tournaments work at Epic Gaming in Milwaukie a few times.
Honestly, location is the biggest problem for finding a venue - but there should be some interest, I hope!


Post in the Portland Gaming FB page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/245219828861083/) or the Portland FGC Page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/portlandfgc/) Portland gaming sees more activity.


I’d definitely be interested in meeting up for some in-person fights. Milwaukie is a great central area for Portland. Any way to get info other than FB? I’ve gone this long without and I’m not starting now.