Portland Casual Schedule. and Tournament information

Welcome to the biggest Portland thread. :lovin:

Tournaments & Events:

Sunday : Tsunamiken

Monday : AMurderOfCrows,

Tuesday :

Wednesday: AMurderOfCrows,FMRoss,Ground Kontrol(last wednesday of each month)

Thursday :

Friday : Fatbears,Tsunamiken

Saturday : AMurderOfCrows,TsunamiKen

Any Day :

each day till evo: AMurderOfCrows,Tsunamiken

Contact Info:
You can all contact me ofcourse 971.227.0202 and I can provide at least this week until evo i’ll be up for helping people get from point A to point B for casuals.

AMurderOfCrows: xboxlive - AMurderOfCrows or PM on SRK i won’t give out any information past that until i get permission from him.

Fatbear: you can reach through me or PM him.

Address: 1717 SW park ave
apt 924
Portland OR 97201

Phone: 5 0 3 7 0 2 8 2 1 8

Tsunamiken: PM unless i get permission to publish further information.

This thread is random, but you can use my contact info I guess… I mean its in teh other thread. Just space out the numbers like I did so internet trolling bots don’t get me.

Maybe include links to all the venues?

Good thread. Who’s going where tonight?

nothing happens on tues or thurs. My only 2 days off :frowning:

Last minute tournament before evo?!
Lets go, high roller though, $50 and up entry fee.

Mack’s post says K’s and Jeromie’s will be open each day until evo. I’ll come out and be a training dummy if enough people show up at one place

Youre welcome to come scrape me a few times, other people will probably come if you come.
Freshly cleaned and shampooed living room, come get your licks.

yes i know it’s random but i felt it to be necissary since everyone else has a thread hahahaha.

I think this thread is badass, I wanted to know where to go every night of the week and Mac did this like at the exact same time I thought to myself yesterday that we needed this. Props.