Portland Downtown Fighter's Lounge Fri/Sat

Ok, the fun is over and I am selling off the stuff I bought for hosting.

PS3 - 160 gb drive plus whatever games are on it.
Dual shock controller
Normal controller
SSF4 + all costumes + AE
Tekken 6
Mortal Kombat
Soul Caliber 4
Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground
Virtua Fighter 5
1 Mad Catz TE for PS3

450$ Firm

Firmware Modded Unbanned Xbox 360
1 Mad Catz SE 360

175$ firm

550$ takes it all.

It’s all going on Craiglist in a couple days, but I wanted to give the community a shot at this stuff first.

If Best Bout wants this shit contact me and I will work out a special price.

Will be closed Sat. for Slugfest!! Come get your licks in tomorrow as usual though.

I am up and done with work for the day already so doors are open, see you guys when you get here :]

Oh man what a blast.

5 Ultras.

I have some extra time this week if anyone wants to stop by, just call and see if I am here.

i want to get games in while im in oregon. :slight_smile:

Just call the number on the first post and see if i am around, other people host as well so you’ll find a game if you look for it.

W il do. I’m looking up session tomorrow. I hot too much going on over ther weekend during the day. To bad there aren’t any turnies this weekend

FRI. Afternoon/night see ya their:hitit:

I will not be open this Friday. People are welcome to come get warmups in or whatever but I am leaving for Fatbear’s around 6:45.

Anyone want to play today?

GGS to Panda and Od3rus, thanks for coming through.

where were you at friday?

Aww did you miss me?

After last night I doubt anyone is going to be gung-ho about playing today but I am still hosting if people want to come through and get a piece.

Last night at Purest was very cool to see, 32 people for the first run of a new casual venue is really uplifting.

Next Fri be their!:clown:

I am thinking about hosting tomorrow (Sunday) if there’s nothing else going on. I’ll be up around 11:00 and can go till whenever.

Ok I am up and the doors are open if anyone feels like playing today.

If anyone wants to get in some games before ground kontrol starts my door is open. If not I’ll see you there.

I wanted to smash grond kontrol put I got called on 4 a super cleaning job as only I can do wanna get some more practice before sat maybe i’ll hit you up!?.