Portland Downtown Fighter's Lounge Fri/Sat

Anytime man, I am usually open to fights any time.

i’m gonna hit you up!.

I am up for games today, door is open.

Being as there is no event tonight (Thursday) I will open up for hosting for those who want to come get in their fights.

I know there are some hungry mofos out there. The fridge is stocked but you will have to work for your pizza Simon.

I heard simon loses to fei long, i have proof

I saw that clip, why don’t you bring your fei up and see what you got?

Whys everyone name droppin…get off my nuts DOGGS

@Ethan - I didn’t know I was supposed to make people retire…

Yo whose trying to run a retirement match?

You win…I retire… bye

Who is gonna carry BBH in the 2v2’s from now on??


GGS Guys.

Okay, I am opening up today due to alot of people wanting to play on Sunday for some reason. Come get in your matches, today should be a good session.

I been havin to work the night shift on weekends lately -_-. I’ll come through soon.

Open today, Seattle folks that want to come down early and crash I have a little space and an air mattress i could put 3 people on cushions and a couple more on the floor.

u gonna be down 2 night bro i might have 2 call ya keep it W.I.C.K.E.D

Ok place is open, stop by for games.

I only use these now. [media=youtube]lP3skKiK6sY&feature=player_embedded[/media]

Oh I see how it is. You already had your chance to play on a button stick when I had mine months ago.

No but seriously, I am cutting a new template for mine soon and if you want I can cut an extra one and convert yours. It’s not that big a step in learning it, and easily reversed if you hate it.