Portland EVO2K6 Planning Thread (Vegas)

Hey All: It’s that time of the year again (actually earlier) where we gather everything EVO-related in one place.

Here’s a couple things all attendees should be doing in the meantime:

1: Start. Saving. NOW! This won’t be stressed enough. EVO2K6 is close to 3 months away but I’m doing this thread so more people have more time to plan for this trip.

2: Leave the month of August open for this event. My guess is that you’ll need August 10th through the 14th (Thursday through Monday). More info on this as SRK updates the evo2k6 page.

3: Practicing: Between now and EVO, I’ll start holding small (3-4 ppl max) sessions for certain titles. All this depends on my days off but for more info just call me (I’ll be practicing T5/3S/Cvs2/HSF2).

4: Finding deals on airfare/hotel/car rental to save $$$. Post your findings here. If there’s a hotel that’s only a few blocks away from the EVO event (and one that’s along the Strip) post it here as well. A dollar saved is… One extra dollar to tip the Strippers at the Crazy Horse or anywhere else.

More info to be posted when available.

UPDATE 6.09.06:

I got plane tickets for me, Val and Anthony. Cost is $270.60 per ticket and it’s via http://www.alaskaair.com Below is our flight info:

Leave Portland on 8.17.06 (THU) Flight 606 @ 10:51am Arrive in Vegas @ 1:02pm

Leave Vegas on 8.21.06 (MON) Flight 155 @ 1:37pm Arrive in PDX @ 3:55pm

Try and get the same flights so we can all save on Taxi (if needed).

UPDATE 6.15.06:

I called Red Rock Casino and asked for a 4 person rate, and the total came to about $1057 including taxes. It’ll be about $264 per person when divided by 4. Reservation will probably be put in tonight.

UPDATE 6.25.06:

Reservation set! We just need 1 more person though. If you’d like that 4th spot in our room just let me know.

UPDATE 8.12.06

We’re all set to go. It’s gonna be Me, Val, Anthony and Sam Y in my room.

RBX PTS - Year of the Dragon (5/18/1976)

Happy Birthday Ray!!!

Lets get drunk!!

I’m definitely going again this year.

Ray, I’m up for some CvS2 and 3S practice.

happy birthday ray

imma up to practice GG Slash hardcore to learn scary rushdown/lockdown. ill also wanna practice cvs2 n 3s

belated happy birthday ray. … . lol… hope it was a blast…

im in the process of getting a new job, which may work along with goign to vegas… not sure at this point… ill post later when things become clear. . .

happy bday, ray.
For anyone interested in practice for GG Slash or KoF, hit me up on aim or visit the weeklies @ PSU (www.megagamers.com)
Usually will be playing every tuesday/thursday nights. And im free mondays.

Ill Bring The Dreamcast Lol Omfg Xxxxxxxxx

Chance of attending evo.

Hey does anyone know yet when EVO is?

Hopefully its on my days off.

Airfare Update: If EVO is on or around 8/10-8/14 the plane tickets would cost about $276 round trip(As of today, Alaska Air price). SRK need to hurry with the date so the prices don’t shoot too high.


276 right now would be awesome, come on SRK announce this shit.

Ray its Karl, you got aim? i lost your number, blckmarvl on aim


August 18-20

The flight prices are still the same though...................

Update: I’ve gotten plane tickets for me, Val and Anthony. All info is in the 1st post.


okay I totalled up the room price for 4 people.

That’s for 4 nights, 17-20 check out on the 21st
248.75 each. that’s Total.
So that plus Airfare is 519.35

sorry my original totals were off as I only did the $70 once, not every night plus I only totaled for 3 nights

Hotel will cost around $264 per person after taxes if you have 4 people/room. $1057 total for 4 nights including taxes.

The 1st post is also updated with this info.

2 more months =)


Aaah I forgot to factor in taxes, thanks Ray for correcting that for me.

man the room imma be in is gonna be done mexi style son. how much did each person pay last yr for hotel room cuz it seems lik it was alot cheaper then this boo shit

I bought my ticket. I have the same first flight as ray and the rest but the return flight they have is more expensive now so this is what I purchased. It’s a bit late but I’m sure there’s stuff to do during the day.

Alaska Airlines 695
Las Vegas (LAS) 9:07 pm Mon, Aug 21
Portland, OR (PDX) 11:17 pm Mon, Aug 21

We should have one more pre-EVO tourney, 3S and gayvel. Everybody should start coming to tilt fridays, a lot of people are there including me. It would be really good if we all got some 3S practice, and I guess T5 and gayvel vs capcom too.

We’ve got time for 2 more tournaments if we don’t procrastinate. I want to know what people think about the $5 entrance fee. Being the winner of the last tournament, I didn’t mind :rolleyes: but I know that some of the lower-tier players might not enjoy dishing out that much cash if their chances of winning any of it back are low. If I run a tournament what do people want? $3 or $5?