Portland EVO2K7 Planning Thread (Vegas)

Hey All: It’s about time Portland had an EVO World planning thread, so here’s the flight/hotel info for me , Anthony & Val:

Flight Itinerary via Alaska Airlines

August 22 2007 (WED) Non-Stop Flight
Alaska Airlines 606
Depart: Portland, OR at 10:50 AM
Arrive: Las Vegas, NV at 1:05 PM

August 27 2007 (MON) Non-Stop Flight
Alaska Airlines 155
Depart: Las Vegas, NV at 1:55 PM
Arrive: Portland, OR at 4:12 PM

Total cost is $245 from about 2 weeks ago.

We don’t have a hotel room yet but we’re more than likely staying at the Green Valley Ranch for all 6 days (6 days/5 nights).

More info to come.


Ticket prices aren’t too bad, do those include stops? If not then that is good. My tix were only 140 round trip from seattle, but with a random stop in Utah.

$140 is pretty good except it stops in Mormontown, USA. How long is your layover?


140 is crackhead pricexs. I need to get my tix asap but I’ll most likely buy a couple days before evo agaiinn.

I’ll probably stay at the Henderson Fiesta which is preety close to GVR or I might just get a room at GVR. its whatever

Only bad thing is that $140 ticket is for a four hour flight. Seattle to Las Vegas is around 2.5 hours. I guess its not too bad, but just a heads up if you are looking to get those dirt cheap tickets.

Hey guys,

I’m setting up a room and we need 2 more people. So far it’s Anthony (#1cheesemaster) and Val (mkmaster503).

We’re staying at Green Valley Ranch for 6 days/5 nights and total cost will be $250* for all 5 nights.

Contact me via PM or in person for other details.

*exact price will be known when deposit is made.


Ray, Check your PM’s I left a message for you. I am looking for a place to stay in Vegas as well.

Full Room Details:

1: 6 Days/5 Nights (Wed August 22nd - Mon August 27th)

2: $164 Deposit for 1st night*

3: $940 Room fees

4: $110 resort fee

5: $1214 Grand Total - $240 Deposit* = $974/4 Adults =

6: $243.50 Per Adult for 5 Nights

*Deposit is covered

EDIT: $1214 split 4 ways is $303.50 if your group decides to split everything evenly.


Ray, I sent the money via Paypal for the room.

This is my flight info.

Southwest Airlines
Wed Aug 22 1149 Depart SAN JOSE CA (SJC) at 11:00 AM
Arrive in LAS VEGAS NV (LAS) at 1:25 PM

Mon Aug 27 2914 Depart LAS VEGAS NV (LAS) at 12:20 PM
Arrive in SAN JOSE CA (SJC) at 3:00 PM

Anthony, Val and Ray, I will arrive 20 minutes after you land so I can meet up at the baggage claim area for Southwest or Alaska if you want.

Yea I’m gonna try to make it I gotta ask for work off and thats what I’m gonna do today so chances are gettin higher that I’ll go

You’ll be in one of our rooms Virsaga, you should private message Ray(RaybladeX) or ME and he’ll set U up with the plane tickets and hotel room stuff after you supply the money of course, he’ll probrably need the plane money ASAP, then the hotel money when we get there. You really should come with us, you’ll learn so much and fun too.

PS everbody: I’m gonna challenge Justin Wong for KOF11 and 3S money matches.


ay #1Douchmaster. Give JWong 2 E-hand shakes while your at it

So, Mark, Myself, and the rest of the portland people that play guilty gear, all have our room setup. We’ll be checking in thursday, checking out the following monday. Oh and we are driving haha. Okay let the countdown begin.

Wow, cute av, Kabuki. Is that from the Happiness video?


any tourney’s happening before evo?

#1sudokumaster said he wouldn’t throw one, so someone should step up if they wanna have it.


 -D R B

Hey um… question:

If I were to convince some of OR’s SSBM players to pay for their share of gas, exactly how many spots are left in the carpool? Because like… methinks it’d be cool to have some of them come, especially if it means paying less for gas.