Portland EVO2K8 Planning Thread (Vegas)

I just made my Airfare and Hotel reservations, here’s the details:

Flight Info (US Airways):

Depart Flight # 595 From Portland,OR (PDX) 1:24PM 8/7/2008 (Thurs)
Arrives in Vegas 3:35PM

Depart Flight # 591 From Las Vegas, NV (LAS) 9:00PM 8/11/2008 (Mon)
Arrives in Portland 11:06 PM

Fare $218.61
Taxes & Fees $36.89
Grand Total $255.50 + $13.50 Insurance $269

Hotel Info:

Tropicana Hotel
August 7th-11th (Thursday thru Monday)
$700 Grand Total / 4 Adults = $175 per person Incl. Taxes
$125 Deposit (Paid)

So far it’s just me, Val and ShadowBlanka, and Anthony confirmed.

Want to wish everyone good luck and great times at this year’s Evo. Sadly, I never went to any of the Evo tournaments, though I was around day 1 at B5 :slight_smile:


anyone interesting in splitting a room w/ me?

I think this is for the Seattle Evo planning thread.

Not sure if I wanna go now. I’ll see how the VF side tourney turns out…

Femto, you should go to Vegas anyways and play VF5 on the side with some VF players that also play other games. VF5 is my favorite game of the moment and whether it’s in EVO or not, I’ll be going to EVO every year.

You never know, your true calling could be Zangief in ST, not El Blaze in VF5! =)

I might be too broke to go this year… hrmmph. I was going to join in on the GG side-tournies and push for them, but maybe I won’t be able to.

Oregon <3 Obama, Bacardi <3 Oregon

dude serious we had 75,000 people come to our rally. Shit was nutz.

I will be walking to evo starting in 2 weeks. WHo would like to come along?

Not Fedexing yourself in a box this year?

That’s funny because I was going to start using 'gief in ST when I firt met up with t people here.

I haven’t booked yet but I am going to soon. Who else is going from Portland or Seattle?

i’ll probably go and just sleep in my car haha!

I want to go for the experience.

I’ll throw my duckets into the Seattle thread when it arrives.

Ok I made my flight reservations.

I arrive in LAS Vegas at 4:15 PM on Thursday August 07 flight #3949 Southwest airlines and I depart back to San Jose at 9:35 PM flight#2822 on Monday August 11.

For the Portland guys that are there before me just wait a little but because I arrive just afterward.

I just made the room reserve for


Goodshit Ross

My flights:

August 07 2008
Alaska Airlines 628
Depart: Portland, OR at 1:30 PM
Arrive: Las Vegas, NV at 3:45 PM

August 11 2008
Alaska Airlines 625
Depart: Las Vegas, NV at 9:25 PM
Arrive: Portland, OR at 11:36 PM

Huh? aren’t you going ot fly wiht us?