Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


I actually talked to Pete on Sunday (or yesterday, I don’t remember)

He suggested we hit you up this weekend. I want to play some ST too if at all possible. I’m garbage at 3s, and out of practice like I said… I want to get you guys opinion on who I should main. I really want to get better at 3s of course, having comp will help. I am seriously thinking about Alex because I like Sodom in A2. Any decent Alex players at TGA? If not, I’ll be more inclined to play him. If I can get a ride down, I’m there. It’ll be nice to play some streetfighter.

Yo, you work for the Navy right? Can you get beer cheap at the base grocery store? I want some Miller High Life or Genuine. If not maybe pete can pick me up some beers on the way. I’ll reimburse of course.

I’ll bring my cam.

Also: Good shit at SBO Quals! I’ll be at the July ranbat pretty much 100%. I’ll take the day off from work as soon as I get a job.


well since i dont drink i dont know what is the price outhere… but i think the diff is not too big… i’ll have to check on that … all i have is AE for xbox and ps2 but if you have capcom collection 2 for ps2 bring it so we can play straight-up ST or we can play AE, i only play ST characters anyways.:wgrin:


I don’t have CCC2 and likely never will. My character is as arcade accurate as he needs to be, and I’m sick of paying 20 bucks every 4 years or so to get ST.

Lemme get this straight: you DON’T drink? That’s a shame. I wanted to play SF Drinking game/for shots.

When I play-ed ST with Knucks in SF I took 2 drinks when I won a game and one when I lost… got pretty interesting considering the matches were like 40-50 seconds. You get drunk fast doing that… he doesn’t drink either.


looking forward to fall semester with my Q/ken. we’ll see how i play. maybe you guys can chizzle some skill into me.


that’s why we’re here for… brahhh :wink:


I’m not.


i am woot woot oh yeah I graduated haha suckas


I have a tiny bit of a hangover from drinking 4 molson xxx, a huge screwdriver, kahlua and milk and then falling asleep (re: passing out) and waking up still drunk.

On that note, when are we going to Ricky’s? I want some time to sleep this off and recover.


good stuff from SUP and GRITS for coming to my crib this w-end… you guys need to come back soon… so we can get some 3rd strike and st action…:tup:


ricky is cheap :smokin:


no i’m not…:cybot:


ricky is fucking broke and sux cuz he got a hidden 720 button fucking cheater


I am playing Fei Long now. THE DRUNKEN MASTER.


Atleast for casual, IDK if I can get to tourney level with him. He has no “glaring weakness” that I can’t cope with. Sure his jump sucks, and his lack of fireball is bad… but I’ve been jumping straight up over fireballs since I was a kid… as a E Honda player.


bring that f.long to the crib for testing porpuses…:china:


Don’t play Gief against Fei he loses like 8-2 or worse.

Fei just hk’s him all round and he can’t do much about it. It stuff his jumps, zones him into fierce Rekkas, beats his pokes. It’s stupid.

I think DeeJay beats Fei pretty badly… IDK how I will zone your DJ, or the specifics of the matchup. I’ve never even seen that match before actually, lol. I wish you didn’t live in Bath, Pete’s going to make me drive up now. ;p

Speaking of DeeJay I think I find a way to counter him reliably with Bison, I’ll be 100% next time we play… no hangover. =) I practiced up and got my tick timing back too haha! See you soon.


July Ranbat- when is it, who’s going, can can we not use my car?

The reason my car is not good, is because my fuel tank has a hole, so I can’t fill up over half a tank. I don’t mind doing some driving, but would prefer to not use my car because it guzzles gas and we’d have to fill up quite frequently.

Tom will be making an appearance, lets hope the ring rust isn’t that bad. ;p


sorry bro, but i dont believe in numbers… as for the ranbat, sorry i’ll be working…:crybaby:


I think in ST if one normal stuffs 90% of your offense… that’s a pretty big number. ;p

You don’t get parries in this, remember? =)


Wow, this thread got big. I’m in the portland area right now with Ryan. I need to play you, Pete and Ricky. Gotta find out if I still know how to play.


get with PETE and come to my crib for some 3rd strike action…:woot: