Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


We tried.

Anyway, I’m not going to use a shoto in 3s as it was completely futile against Tom’s ridiculous unending rushdown. I honestly don’t think he’s lost a step, maybe his execution suffered, but his gameplan is as solid as ever. I’m going to use Hugo SAIII so that I can be lazy and not have to break my hand practicing on the Gigas.

As for my main game… Fei Long is absolute dick shit crapola against Ryu… the most scrub-used character in the whole game. This made me reconsider my thoughts of maining Fei. I’m going to start using OG Dhalsim now because instant hk drill kicks is the future.


i might be picking up ST because, well, i love fitting in

hope noone else uses cammie. or ill have to show you whos boss.

except i dunno shit about the game. hoorah


I can teach you through a combination of knowledge and beatings.

Cammy doesn’t have a fireball, that’s bad times. She’s bottom tier but everybody is playable. I honestly think she is a lot better than the grapplers. I love her standing fierce and some other choice pokes.


work owns me for free but i’ll try to gettin on some sf action soon


you need come to the crib to level:u: before the ranbat…:cybot:


Whatchu boys doing today?

Wanna come through and get basted on?

ST greatly preferred, I got new tricks for you.


tricks…? i :lovin: new tricks…:woot::party:


Hey Pete, do you know where I can get a calling card to Japan…

And if so, what one should I pick? I know the cambodian store on Forest Ave (next to the Thai restaurant) sells some cards to asia, but I don’t know what a good one to buy is or if they only sell China, Thailand and Cambodia cards.


sorry i don’t date foreigners so I can’t help, have u tried going online to purchase.

Oh yeah i was hoping we can meet up before the ranbat to get a session in chyeah!!!


You never call anybody in Asia? Shiiiit.

Respect your elders.


So, who is coming to the Ranbat? I don’t know if Tom still is. If there’s nobody to give me a ride, I can’t go. (Car=not so good)

I have Friday and Saturday off. I am pretty sure I’ll have to work Sunday though.

I’m willing to play Friday.


http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=877965038713797892 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6543351231797298463 grit’s look at your death…


We’ll see, if I get a ride.

Hopefully Tom will stay off the WoW long enough.

BTW: I’m shaking. :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:


I’m going bitches sorry to keep you waiting but this is my last TGA Ranbat on the east coast imma go out with a bang


Does that mean I’m going too???


fuck no bitch i ride solo on my red cape fucking bitches lol

j/k yeah u can roll wit me


you better unleash some destruction before you leave the e-coast…:wgrin:


I should post this in a TGA thread, but there isn’t one.

So, Pete’s last ranbat. It was good shit. A lot of TGA players are real solid in ST, I didn’t get too many games with my OG Sim. I apologize for my sloppy shitty play, and am just mad at myself about it.

Few things I have to get used to: Sanwa buttons (MOST IMPORTANT), ST Turbo 2 (I play Amer. Turbo 3), head to head cab and the whole sitting real close to/sitting at the cab deal. I don’t like not seeing who I’m playing.

Few things I need to practice: Learning the ticks and traps with OG Sim, learning the anti-air game and some more patience. In a couple of weeks, I should be up to speed. It takes me about a month to get the basics down for a character.

It was good comp, really opened my eyes. Mukai beat me bad in our MM, and though a weak player might blame it on the weed, I know that I sucked and played like shit. I couldn’t teleport! Not trying to take away from Ed, he did a great job and is a class act. We’ll see how it goes down next time, though.

John Rambo, Nerd Josh, DSP, Ernest, and whoever else I played in casuals, GG. Good shit. To anybody who knew me from the forums, I’m flattered to have any sort of reputation.

Craig: Your THawk is DIRRRRTY. Good ticks, nice poking. I’ll have to get more information about and get you some info on the match you don’t like. =)

Rob: It was great to finally meet up after 5(?) years of having friends and interests in common, but always somehow getting screwed out of chillin’ when we make plans.

Mukai: I underestimated you. Won’t happen again! GURRRRAAAARRRGHHHHH Feel the hate.

Peter: See you in SoCal bro.

Joey Crack: Even though you didn’t make it, you got the heart of a champion. I’m sure whatever you were dying from was strong enough to keep you from the tourney. See you at the crossroads… (so you won’t be lonelaaaaayyyy)


Good shit to supaman who came thru I dunno who else from maine who came but I was the pink makoto player

see supa i gave you that coachin all you needed to beast lol good shit

i hope to see the rest of u maine cats at the next ranbat

I’ma prolly run another 2v2 team tourney cuz that shit was crazy fun


Work owns my soul.

9 days straight after tomorrow off. Will try to do something soon, but I usually work 6 days a week.