Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


anybody here…!:wgrin:


A new direction for the Maine scene:

Ok guys, since there’s only Me, Quitivar, Ricky and Tom left in the Maine Scene… I propose a new way of leveling up for us.

The problem is that we’re all atleast one hour away from each other. Tom being 3 hours away from me in Monson is tough, as well as Quitivar and him lacking good transportation.
My car isn’t the best either.

I doubt that we will come from all four corners of the state to play a few casuals when there is a totally suitable solution. I don’t have the interest to drive to kittery and beat up on Quitivar, I equally don’t have the interest to drive over an hour to have Ricky beast me in Mirrors in a game I don’t care about competitively, same with Tom. No offense, we just all play and do different things. If y’all were closer, it’d be a lot more easy.

The Solution? Online play. We all have sticks, we all have computers. What we don’t all have is PC converters, let’s change that. For 11 bucks at your local friendly Radioshack there is a converter from Playstation 2 to USB that should work just fine.

Stop your bitching about Lag: Ricky is an awesome player simply through playing a shitload of 3S over XBL. Also, in 06 Tom and I played ST on Kaillera with very low lag and we each improved our ST game. All of your computers should be able to run 3s in Kaillera, especially if they can run World of Warcraft. There is also a P2P .dll for Kaillera as released in the Kaillera forum. This will cut the lag in half or better from what it would be connecting to a mainstream server such as Godweapon.

We can also have some fun with the best of the Alpha games, A2, in GGPO. Craig “Gridman” Stevens (TGA’s greatest T-Hawk) is already on board for Kaillera matches.

Honestly, I don’t have the time, money, transportation or interest to go to you guys houses and play one on one casuals if it’s going to take forever to get there, and there is a good alternative to doing so. Group meetups are fine, but with the new technologies for online play, I am seeing less of a need for it.


sorry guys for being MIA, been busy prepping on my move back to cali

Been great playing with you guys, I don’t hope to play with you guys again, cuz i know i will play u guys again.

Hope you guys level up the next time I come around and make our Maine scene bigger cuz this is just the beginning of things to come


omg… much better avatar…:tup:


Thanks so much on the input for my new idea, guys!



I’ve been playing online with my boys Joey “Make it Happen” Crack and Craigpachi “T Hawk” Stevens.

It’s not so bad on GodWeapon with the newest client. (www.kaillera.com) I generally get 40ms against Crack and Craig gets like 20ms so ticks and timing isn’t THAT hard. Hopefully I can find a Balrog player to beat up on as that’s my overwhelmingly worst matchup.

Buying a 360 very soon refurbished if the HD Remix doesn’t suck. 220 bucks for a 360 just to play ST online all the time? Worth it. Totally worth it.

Oh btw I’m engaged now so if my skills drop, it’s cause I’m almost married.


Long time no see, Quiv and I are from Kittery btw, not York.
Well, actually he’s off to portland now in college.
But anyways im in class, and bored so I figured I would check the forums.


Update on the Maine Scene:


Tommy Knuckledust is in North Carolina
Peter Supaman is in California
Leading myself to not give a shit anymore. (I just smoke weed and beat up on Joey Crack on Kaillera. ;ppppp)

It was fun guys! Don’t lose touch!

Sorry new guys, I just don’t think I can get into it anymore, all the old fun of it is completely sucked dry without the originals here.


wut the fuck is knucks doing in NC

As for me i’ve gone to FFA and man that place is tight

But yeah we’ll keep in touch


Tom moved there for a chance at more opportunities than the small town of Monson, ME.

Luckily I have sales skills,so I’m not in college anymore.


NC is nice come visit me some time.


Got a floor for me to sleep on, and mind my peaches coming? We’re a package deal now.

You’ve gotta come to my wedding dude. No excuses.

I promise not to become totally lame when I am an official “family man”


Hey, Maine warriors, I’m Lobelia from New Orleans.
I’m here on behalf of a friend of mine who wants to get into competitive Virtua Fighter. She lives in Maine, and her sn on AIM is Stryk21nciner8. Does anyone in the state think they can help her out?



Nobody plays any fighting games in maine. Sorry to say, I mean… nobody plays SF anymore with any real passion. Even fewer play VF.

Tell her to play online, or move, this state fucking sucks.


Moving is probably the best bet. That’s what Supaman and I did.


I had fun playing with everyone. went to a couple tourneys and ranbats it was all for the experience and thats what made it worth it

reason why i left cuz i couldn’t find myself living in maine for another 10 years, i know i can do so much more out here in cali, plus the weather is nice lol




are you ready for death it self?


:rofl::rofl:… you know.i’m always ready…:wink: but dont worry next time i see you i will return your SOUL back to you…:rofl:


you can’t take something that’s not with in me :rofl::rofl::rofl: