Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


I currently play (when not busy) in SF. Knuckledust is up in Orono right now, I don’t know where Peter is but he play at Regency in Long Beach. Next year we will all be in Portland, Tom (Knuckledust) and I are going to USM and be roomates.

If you suck, it doesn’t matter, everybody starts out sucking. If you want to get competitive all that matters is if you got the heart or not. I practiced my fucking ass off at ST last summer and I had a 25 game streak in the BYOC Evo East. (Unfortunately my Bison got peaced out by 2 Chuns in a row… thought I could be all Japanese style and win w/out a reversal lol! Live and learn.) Not bragging, just fact… all that matters is if you get in there and fucking do it.

Anyway… Get at me on AIM, I love talking Third Strike. (Are you Mute Adonis at DDRMaine?)

Sandy, do you play ST too? I play all the charge characters, my “mains” are Bison, Honda, Rog and OGuile. I know Pete plays Chun.


yes i play ST a little bit… DJ and GIEF… but i’ll be leaving ME this coming APRIL…:sad:


where u moving to ricky down south

Next EVO worlds i better see u


yup… going to jacksonville, i’ll try to make evo again this year…:wink:


figured id jump in here and tell you guys im at USM now and looking for someone to get me back into the swing of SF3. I got an xbox360 for christmas so half life and team fortress are slowly taking my mind over.


what happened to the maine scene?!?!


Apparently this happened to Portland ME (‘Round 1’ in the mall):

Insane. Someone start a scene up there so I can go visit and eat lobster.