Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


I played against u bacardi at TGA, i think I peaced u out at the 9/30 Ranbat with chun li in ST, I can tell u were kind of mad but i offered my hand for a gg. U have a solid claw, personally i thought i was going to lose.


superman is dat nigga lol. yall should come to tga for the next ranbat. i haven’t played any of yall i don’t think


Hey Mukai: Knuckledust says “what’s up”

On to serious business. Since we’re starting to become a serious scene, I propose some monthly tournaments starting in the summer this year. I think if we have 8 dudes we can make a decent scene and then come up like the GTASF guys.

Seriously, that scene used to be Nagata Lock and like 3 other dudes, now they’re huge! (Not trying to diss or beef w/ team canada… but back a few years ago I knew Noodleman, JS Master, Nagata and YellowS4 and nobody else nationally… you guys are all beasts and own me for free in 3s)

So, make those trips to Portland and we can get something started. Since Tom (knucks) landed here in SF on Thursday night, we’ve played about 400 games of 3s, so the drive is there, atleast for us)

Btw: Sandybags, I challenge you to a Hugo match when I return. =) What are your XBL stats just so we know, if you don’t mind sharing? We’re trying to get an idea of how good you are, and it’s hard to do that without seeing you play. Vids are acceptable.


sorry ed i’ll be in cali by then for spring break but i’ll make the next one in april.

With monthly tourneys i dunno, please inform we how this is going to work ryan. In terms of location, systems and most importantly will it be enough for people out of maine to come to portland. Don’t get me wrong i would love people to come here to play, but going down to TGA is enough for people cuz that place is setup right plus people that go there say the trip was shitty but was worth it when they got to TGA, where as they have to drive another 2.5 hours to get here.

Maybe i’ll open up an arcade when I graduate, maybe pickup where Power Up left off. But geared more towards fighting games. Or i can be an asshole and just get a candy cab for myself with a couple boards lol


you guys need to learn how to play cvs2. it would make the trip from mass worthwhile to play you guys. craig and i don’t play much 3s anymore (craig says he won’t play mainly because his character, necro, has horrible matchups against the top 3, chun, yun, and makoto). I don’t play mainly because nobody is around to play, like ever. I might play a bit more if i had the competition readily available.

but yeah, i reiterate - learn cvs2 PLEASE.


Hey Rob… I don’t know about CVS2, it seems too late for me to start. I’m already too into 3s and ST anyway, and nobody up here plays. People in SF play, but I can’t even get around them I don’t think or know what’s going on. I can’t beat A-Groove and that’s what it boils down to. If everybody else wants to play, I’ll pick it up, but sitting in training mode is a waste of time when nobody will play back in Maine. I might take up VF5 when that comes out, and I’d love to play another game, but CVS2 is a bit like me picking up marvel again after not playing seriously for 3 years. I can’t make up the ground, 3S is new enough in terms of major competitive play to get me into it. We’ll see what the interest is, if there is any, I will play it atleast casually.

Pete: Monthlies can be held in me and Tom’s dorm room for all we care. So long as nobody breaks or steals anything it will be ok. Anybody trying to break or steal anything will get their face smashed in. Tom has like 3 joysticks, I have a happ and soon a Sanwa modded and the PS2. It wouldn’t be the most comfortable setting, but it would be good to get the maine players together. Maybe we could play in a lounge or be hella ghetto and rent out a room at HoJos lol.

It wouldn’t really be for out of state people at this point because like you said, there’s no point in packing in a lot of people (more than 8) to play some local system tournament. I just think it would be more interesting than getting together for casuals. Just my .02 It would be for us to have a competitive scene besides just Us vs Boston or just Us vs Each other in Casuals. I think with the few guys in this thread posting, and us 3 that may be enough to get some players.


I guess i could say the same thing about 3s, it being too late for me to start. The game has been out for YEARS now and i’m not an advanced player. But, I am VERY willing to sit down and pick the game up, and level up with local or non-local competition.

Like I said, pick up cvs2. It’s not like it’s a horribly unbalanced game or anything. A groove is beatable. I’m sure you saw Buktooth placing high at Evo last year using an outdated groove with 2 out of 3 mid tier characters. it’s not like it’s impossible to win using grooves other than a groove. I main K groove, but I learned to play A groove so i could learn the matchups. Even if you sat in training, learned combos and execution for an hour a day, it’d help.

Then again, if you’re not interested in the game AT ALL then i’ve just wasted my breath.


[quote=“Grits_N_Gravy, post:23, topic:21778”]

Hey Mukai: Knuckledust says “what’s up”

tell him i said wat’s good man

cvs2 sucks don’t learn it


This is gonna go well.

In other news: Popeyes, love that chicken!


I liked CVS2 when it first came out, but then the game started to get out of whack for me when roll canceling started to be the norm and A groove just took over.

I wouldn’t mine throwing down with u in marvel rob. Im sort of decent. I would rate myself 7 out 10 scale cuz i know how to do shit i.e. ROM, unblockables but my execution is like 70% which is bad in a game like marvel

I prefer 3S because it’s what i like i a fighter. One on One fighting to be exact where i don’t have to worry what to do about the next character plus the game is very in depth for me plus every character brings something different to game as whole.

Ryan that would be nice to have gatherings when u get back hit me up then aite son oh yeah Churches Chicken owns popeye’s for free


If we’re going to tier chicken, Bojangles is Yun.


nah i understand, i’m just saying. CvS2 is my favorite fighter to play at the moment, with marvel being a close second. I am 400% willing to pick 3s back up if people are around to play on a daily (or almost daily) basis. I pretty much want to play fighters any and everyday of the week, and my only real competition in the immediate area in cvs2, my brother craig, doesn’t play half as much as he used to.

The difficulty in playing every or almost everyday is that there really isn’t any place that anyone seems willing to host consoles. There’s NO decent place to play 3s or Marvel around here, arcade-wise, and CvS2 is decent at the MIT arcade, but that’s it. I mean, we could do MIT classrooms for consoles, but not during the day (it would have to be like 5pm or later), and even that’s not consistent.

I try posting in the boston thread as often as i can whenever i’m around to play. I think i’m decent enough so that people that are on a lower skill level can play and learn something against me, especially in cvs2 or mvc2, as i play multiple grooves and teams in each game, and i think i’m also good enough to keep up with the “good” players around here (like ness and team hate). But almost everytime i post (keyword - almost), NOBODY responds or is around. I don’t mind going to the MIT classrooms to setup, but people never seem to be around. I talked with Gavin recently and he invited me and craig to session with him and team hate at paul’s place in Fall River, but I’m not sure of the next time they’re playing.

Point is, i’ll play anything so long as someone’s around. MvC2, CvS2, 3s, hell i’ll even learn something new if it gets people to play.


What I plan on doing when u get back ryan, is to have a session at a place to get prepared for evo east which should be any where from a week or two after u come back from frisco. Gather people around our way and just play.

Sounds good to u guys Sidewinder, imbroglione anyone?


challenge…hell’yeah even though i hate hugo mirrors i’m up for the challenge… and as for the xbl stats dont worry about that my record on xbl is over 20k wins, yes i do play alot…but i dont use that as a measure stick… i still think on a offline play i’ll get rape badly… but we’ll see, that’s why we’re gonna get together anyways… right, so we can trade ideas and help each other out…have fun and have a good time… beating each other’s brains -out…:looney: that’s sounds good to me SUP as soon the frisco guy comes back… just let me know…man i cant wait…:rock:


hey i got the best hugo in mass. so come take me on when your done


Ed: I’ve actually made it my goal to beat you eventually. Maybe if there’s a 3 on 3 tournament with no character restrictions we could all play Hugo lol. I’m not a real “beef” player, I don’t play for money, but I love tough comp. I’ll be fine with being second best. I’m bad at the mirror match too.
Speaking of beef, did you give my boy Joey Crack his soul back yet? :rofl: Anyway prepare to be seeing another couple of grapplers at TGA after September.

Pete: I doubt I can make it to a practice session before Evo East. I’ll be home on the 17th with my GF, my Bday is the 22nd and then it’s East so I have a lot to be doing. Jetlag, family time, gf time etc. I doubt I will do much on my birthday except sleep and get some pussy before the big trip.

Sandy: Wow 20k wins. Fuck man… hopefully Tom and I will have 1000 matches by the time he leaves on Friday. We’re at around 500 now I think (mostly my Hugo vs his Mako or Ken) and about another 130 matches of ST. I have a feeling we’re going to flunk out of school next year, but atleast we’ll be beefy at 3s and ST.

Rob: I love playing any fighter, but my favorites are ST and 3s. How’s your ST game? I heard Craig got a streak w/ T Hawk you’re welcome for the pokes info, Craig :stuck_out_tongue: at the last one. I think if I go to SFSU and nobody is playing 3s I’ll put my quarter up for CVS2.


I can’t stand ST. That shit is one on one marvel, without the fun. too broken. and who the hell told you about his t hawk win streak? that shit was fierce.

I’ll play 3s and marvel with you guys if you aren’t cvs2 players. but i really need to level up with some of the top comp around new england/east coast in cvs2. it’s my main game.


Tom (knuckledust) is staying with me for a week.

He told me.

I like ST simply because I can do the broken stuff. It’s fun when you can land tick ochios and all that other stupid stuff.




what he means is he has the ONLY hugo in mass