Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


oh… ok!


So yeah, I got banned from DDR Maine.

Somebody should send the people interested in 3s/fighters here where they should’ve been posting anyway.


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Ed: I’ve actually made it my goal to beat you eventually. Maybe if there’s a 3 on 3 tournament with no character restrictions we could all play Hugo lol. I’m not a real “beef” player, I don’t play for money, but I love tough comp. I’ll be fine with being second best. I’m bad at the mirror match too.
Speaking of beef, did you give my boy Joey Crack his soul back yet? :rofl: Anyway prepare to be seeing another couple of grapplers at TGA after September.


good i’ll be looking to take something from you:badboy: YOUR SOUL!!

nah other played with him wall nes smooth and others. BUT I HAVE THE BEST IN MASS :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



cool, that should be fun to watch.



Wall, ness, smooth, yeah sure, they all play him, but they don’t MAIN him. Ness mains Yun, Wall mains Gouki, and Smooth mains Chun. You main Hugo. I played hugo, but i mained Ken/Chun. Hell, I played most of the cast, but i don’t consider myself to be a “hugo” or “Remy” or whoever player at all. I use Ken and Chun as mains. You have the only tournament Hugo in mass. That was my point.



u can’t have my soul ed cuz i ain’t got one


what year of college is this for you? because i ~may~ be going to USM next year depending on how things go, and that would make life fairly easy. weather or not i go to portland for schooling, ill be around maine/NH.

currently living in the same town as imbroglione and i have zero competition :frowning: (yes that is a personal jab)


Tom and I are sophomores… so next spring we’ll both be 3rd year. Pete graduates this year I think. USM isn’t bad, and Portland is a hell of a lot better for comp than NH… I honestly don’t see why anybody would want to live in NH for any reason besides the no sales tax.

If you want to go to UNH, don’t. You won’t get any studying done, and if you really want to drink THAT bad, I am 21 this May. Who do you and Imbroglione play?

Btw: If anybody cares, and I know nobody does, I quit maining Hugo. I have some surprises in my “magic bag” for all of you. No homo.


:looney: …


I’m getting old, after i’m done with school I can play more SF yay.
Don’t worry Sidewinder i’ll mirror match ur hugo i’m alright with him


it’s all good… when you guys are gonna be done with all the school n’ shit?..btw i’m getting old too, i’m 28 not too old but a little bit… old…:rofl: :rofl:


I never said I quit Hugo.

He’s one of my 3 characters I am going to actually persue. I don’t know if I will stick to Dudley as my "3rd guy.


ouch dude, ouch.


I read that you played Remy in another thread.

That’s your problem right there.


Heya, sorry for the delayed response here. I don’t often think to scroll down to this forum. I’m not the Mute you speak of. Historically, I’ve always gone by Vynce, or UltimoDragon back in my Gamesages.com/X-sages.com days. How embarassing…

I just picked up a Neo Geo cab, so maybe someone could drop me a line next time they happen to be in the Dover/ Portsmouth area :). I’m replacing some buttons and sticks, currently. Should be fully operational within a week or two. Cab’s in awesome shape.


What are you going to have on the Neo Geo cab?

If you get Kof 98 I’ll gladly come through and show you my Kane tricks. (bad pun)



I’ve purchased KOF98, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, and Last Blade 2, so far. I’m waiting on a pair of Happ competition sticks, and 2 buttons. I may need more down the line. It’s turning out to be a bit of a project, but the cab is largely in awesome shape. No burn on the monitor, and the cabinet itself is solid and looking good.



Actually, aren’t Sanwa parts better for NG cabs? Fighter’s History Dynamite is dope and you might be able to grab it cheap. =)


I know Remy is low-med tier but I’ve seen him have plenty of success against nearly anyone, so it isn’t so much tier whoring as it is just getting really good, unpredictable, and tactical.

I have none of those.

Anyways time to tier whore!



Tier whoring isn’t really what I’m talking about. Maining Hugo imo is a lot different than maining Remy. I’m just going to explain why I dislike Remy, maybe you will see my point in saying not to play him. Some background info: I have played Charge characters for 14 years, including his predecessors Guile and Charlie, yet I still am not attracted to Remy’s playstyle.

For me, I’d never play Remy because he has no comeback power. His supers suck shit, and he’s not durable. Contrast that to Hugo who is very durable and can make a huge comeback with (arguably) all 3 of his Supers. (Megaton press sucks, but is still fat damage)

The problem with Remy is that he’s your basic “gimmick” character, he has a pattern that he can repeat over and over that should be effective, but when that pattern fails, he has very little to work with. This was sort of the case with Charlie and Guile, but they always had something to back themselves up with (for guile it was the game engine of SFII games, allowing fat damage for every character and therefore comeback potential, and the gimmick was considerably harder to beat. As for Charlie, in A2 he has great custom combos and his Sonic Boom/Sonic Break and normals are great) Remy doesn’t really have much besides zoning and some decent, but still slow, pokes. When playing Remy you’re forced to play an extremely defensive game that, because of parrying, might be completely worthless depending on your opponent. If you get a chance, watch Pierrot + Tsumoon play against Hayao + Eriho. You’ll notice that Hayao’s Hugo has a lot of problems with their sonic booms, but once he gets in, both of them get destroyed due to Hugo’s comeback power (despite Hugo being 17th of 19 on the tier list).

Chun is an excellent choice, but I think you should still make your own choice for a character. If you really like Remy, prove me wrong.