Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


Just because I really like Remy, that doesn’t make any of your statements invalid.

You obviously know what you’re talking about, and there is no way to prove any of that wrong.

The fact that I like a character doesn’t give me the ability to change any of that.

But I do understand what you mean, and if I plan on playing him, I’m going to need an innovative and personal play style.


I’m glad that you understand my point of view, and I hope that I can encourage you to be a stronger player, no matter who you choose. I wasn’t very constructive or nice, that’s one of my big downfalls, but I am honest. I think in the SF community, honesty matters a lot more. (Me and Knuckledust are the kind of guys who give tips but don’t encourage w/out a big reason) I’m just saying I wasn’t trying to be a dick, even if I came off that way.

Hopefully you and your friend/rival will have many opportunities to let us mop you up. =)


hey play nice ryan


I did.

I was just explianing my stance on Remy, and the smiley face indicates that I’m just having fun. If Imbro can make a great Remy, I’ll love playing it.

PS: Can you get Tom in here to post atleast once? Fucking retard, the japanese letters on his stick don’t mean “determination” they mean “pay somebody of a higher rank” lol.


haha, Don’t worry I didn’t take the comment in any offensive matter.

And there is no doubt that you could ream us.

But then again, that’s what practice is for.

If I had a car, and Kittery wasn’t an hour and a half from Portland, I know we would try and get around to actually finding other people that played.

How far away is Windham anyways? I’ve heard of it, it’s never exactly on the top of my to-do list to figure out how far away I live from every town in maine.


I’ll try but i highly doubt it, cuz he mainly post on the WOW thread at DDR Maine


sorry i havent replied to this in a while.

i play makoto if it hasnt been said yet. ive got the rushing game down fairly well but i still need to work on some chains and 100% stun and such.

and to be honest his remy is getting better ;P. ive noticed myself in mid air more often than i should be. either way, id be interested in some more competition. someone who can smash me every game and then tell me where to improve.


dont worry once we get together… we might be able to get our shit together…:wink:


Windham is a suburb of Portland to the east… it’s actually technically a suburb of westbrook. I think Knucks and I will be living in Portland or Gorham though, which is slightly closer (Gorham is ~15-20 min from Portland)

Quitivar: Tom will love to have a Makoto student. As you may or may not know, Tom is good at all the random makoto bs.

Sandy: I think if we keep communicating and all start leveling up, we could have a pretty decent scene on our hands.

As for smashing you guys/telling you how to improve: Pete has come in 4th at a TGA Ranbat for Super Turbo, I know a lot about the game (pokes for every character, even T Hawk, move properties etc) and have been playing for a long time so we might be able to make a good scene there as well.

As for CVS2… I’m not sure if anybody is better than Pete. Marvel is Pete’s game as well. I think besides those games my best game is StarFox 64 lol… but seriously though, I am good at SFII World Warrior-Hyper Fighting as well.


I got 3rd in ST, got sent to losers by DXP, then had a best out of 5 with Paul Wall, it went to the 5 match shit was hyped.

I gave up on CVS2, Marvel and 3S are my games that i want to concentrate on, with ST on the side cuz u can’t go wrong with ST.

I gave knucks a couple tips about parrying and options on what to do in matches, and he has improved a lot.

On a side note I need to get at you guys when the next TGA RANBAT comes around maybe we can go together


I heard Wall plays Honda exclusively, and he uses pink/green (“my” color as well).

Tom also said that we play a lot alike, as I’m about the tick ochios and all that shit. I’d really like to mirror him sometime, I think I can get some games.

Still trying to pick my counter character for Slut and Vega. Bison can’t handle them…




Serious Business
I’m not sure if I can make it to Evo East. (RE: 70% sure I can’t) My bank account currently reads $35.11 and I doubt I’ll get much more than that until after the 25th. I’m going to have to charge my plane ticket for back home, and I doubt I will be able to make any money with that on campus job I don’t have. I get home on the 18th or so, and then I need to start work ASAP

I don’t think my family will/can afford to spot me the money either. From what I figure, Evo East is going to cost me about another 150-200 bucks like last year. (Reg is like 35, Hotel Room cut is like 100 for 3/4 people for 3 days, food is atleast 15-20 a day and that’s cutting it CLOSE, gas up and down, etc) If I have to sit this one out, that’s fine. There’s other majors, the TGA ranbats and what not, and there’s always next year. The tournament I could give a damn about, it’s the BYOC that’s most important to me. If I went I’d only participate in one game (ST) so I can save whatever I got. I really don’t think I can put up the cash to be at this one.

Another major thing that’s on my mind is that after I go back home, I only get until the beginning of June to be with my girlfriend before she goes back to Japan and I don’t see her until September. I really want to be able to spend some time with her, especially since my Bday is the 22nd. I’m not giving up my plans of playing SF because of my gf or anything like that, it’s just that I don’t think I can spend money I don’t have anyway.

I also can’t ask for a loan or anything from you guys because 1) I’d feel bad, and 2) Maybe I can’t find a job for the summer, that happened last year. (My only callback was from Wal Mart, and from working there before, I never want to set foot in a Wal Mart again)

As an aside: I might also owe the University of Spoiled Faggots 2,584 big ones if my dad doesn’t pony up the cash he said he would, which would royally fuck me over even more. If that’s the case, I no-show the event and probably the first few summer ranbats as I struggle to make enough money to pay off the creditor douchebags USF will sic on me, put a small dent in my big loan, plan my Tokyo trip in December/Jan and be able to buy everybody christmas presents. Being broke is so fucking gay.


Damn Ryan, for realz though Me n Knucks can spot u cuz we are friends plus money is money and can be paid back in time I do understand that you have to spend time with your girl. It would be cool if you can come. On a side note I might be going to SBO this year, I’m in talks with Andy and Gavin about details later.

I have some news too. In August It looks like I might be moving back to California, 80% sure, 20% that’s if I can find job in my field here in Maine, reasons why Is 1) Starting pay for my field (video and audio editing) start at $19 an hour or more 2) The friends that I surround my self have no goals to move up in life, I prefer Street Fighter then drinking my life away n do drugs 3) And my parents decided to move back in a couple weeks and they are getting old so I wanna be there for them.


I dunno man, I think Cali would be great for your life, health and SF skills depending on the area. My gf told me that if she could, she’d really want to live in SD. I might be spending a year or two in Japan after school and then after that might be on the WC, Hawaii or someplace not in New England based on my gf’s job opportunities.

(Depending on if we keep seeing each other, and because she’s loyal 8 months w/out a fight and we have similar interests/lifestyles, I think it will work out)

No matter what happens to us though, the bond of competition is strong enough to keep a friendship growing. I think you really need to do what will benefit your life as good as possible… SF is a great game, and more than a game, but don’t miss out on living in Cali to improve the scene here. My Urien can handle it. =) (I was going to keep that under wraps until evo east lol, but I can do the midscreen, partition all the shit, corner unblockables and fat corner combos already lol)

You might be thinking: what happened to Dudley? Well, Dudley has no good low pokes; Urien has 3. I need to have some kind of a poking game to win, and blind rushdown doesn’t work for me. I also figured out partitioning in less than a minute when I found out how it’s really done. That’s what stopped me from playing Urien before.


hey good news.

got accepted to USM and decided ill be going there. yeyyyy

still working my makoto. and considering trying to learn ryu. i wanna learn Q but my partitioning sucks.


Nice dude.

I would say keep it up with Mako. If you want to play Ryu, it is harder to win than with Ken and not many differences. Denjin is good if you can actually connect with it. The only thing that is great about it is if your opponent can’t parry it, or if you break my Aegis Reflectors with it.

As for charge partitioning, what’s your problem with it? You’re probably “over charging.” If you don’t know what I mean, I can explain it. If it’s just a hard technique and you know what is wrong… then you can figure it out.

Get at me on AIM sometime I love talking SF. Especially Super Turbo if you have an interest.


i just cant seem to juggle charges, IE let the first one go and start charging again. and yeah, timing is bad. one day ill figure it out but ill stick with my quartercirclers :D.

ryu is fun, dunno how well ill be doing in tourney play with him, so im picking up ken simultaneously. basica style is similar, just a few different setups and im good.

did you say you play hugo? if so, itll be a fun matchup. imbro is far better with yun, but his calloused-to-hell-from-hitting-dragon-punches-so-goddamn-much thumb isnt helping me improve my game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

quick edit: is there any arcades around portland that we can find other people to play? ive noticed a severe lack of competition in york county. i mean, we have york beach and theres no sf3 there… and thats about it.


The first thing you’re talking about sounds like charge BUFFERING, not Partitioning. Partitioning is breaking up the charge through other actions, some people find that harder. (I find charge buffering harder actually) Partitioning is more of a timing skill, buffering is more execution. The topic in the Urien forum is a good way to learn the difference and how to do it.

Thumb? You guys use Pads? Time to get sticks. =) The Hori T5 stick isn’t that bad and can easily be Sanwa Modded. 45 bucks or so on Ebay shipped is what the price usually is. Or you can get Tom (who STILL hasn’t posted here) to do it for you if he can get his fat Fillipino ass off WoW.

I main Urien, I play Hugo and Dudley (and 12) on the side. Mr Sandybags can have the title of Maine’s best Hugo though. =)

As for arcades, there aren’t any in Maine. There’s the dream machine with a shitty marvel cab, that’s it. The only time we’ll get comp is through each other or at TGA ranbats. It’s not impossible to have a good, small, console scene… just harder than having an arcade scene. The Maine SF scene for a long time was just Me and a guy named Derrick, we played Marvel all the time and got pretty buff by 2002 standards. Maine has a, comparitively, HUGE Smash Brothers scene according to my friend Mike. Maybe we can get those guys playing, probably not but whatever.

Maybe you can get your roomate to play, or… better yet, room with Imbroglione? Since I’m rooming with Tom who has a lot of love for SF we should be pretty buff in a couple months time. (Tom is already pretty good, I think he’ll shock some people next Ranbat)


yeah I sux now, might start playing WoW myself

actually nah I’ll stick to 3S n Marvel. If you ever stop by the dream machine I might be the guy doing infinites n traps there since no one else that plays as frequently as i do.

I got a new name for tom, I’ll call him mr hayate since he like to do them so much.
Oh yeah ryan u say u got all that Partition n unblockable stuff down, I got a suprise for you when we actually play each other.