Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


I know you play Urien. Are you gonna main him? I got a lot of his stuff down… now what I am going to do is tighten up on my jump into character, dash partition kneedrop thing.

If your surprise is Denjin or Akuma… I know what to do. =) I’m thinking against Akuma I might use Temporal Thunder for the stun damage. I don’t want to try to trap a guy who can just teleport.

As for tom doing a lot of hayates, I think I broke him of that habit by making him play against Hugo so much. I stuffed his dash punches so much.


Nah I still play urien but only casually, my surprise is that I can parry out of the unblockable mainly midscreen, corner is a bit different as i have to take the knee drop


basically im just a scrub at anything charge related. buffers partitions and whatever.

and i do need to get a stick. 45 dollars sounds pretty nice, ill look into it.

oh, and i play WoW too. sighhhh =[


That’s cool. If you’re playing Chun I’m going to go for the low short or overhead mixup instead midscreen unblockable anyway because it’s harder to set up for me. (I learned on Ken, so Chun gets up too slow and sometimes I push her through the reflector)

It’ll be good to play against somebody who can stop it. =)

Quitivar: Charge partitioning comes naturally to me, but the only way I can explain it is… before you dash/do your other action you’ll be charging in: don’t charge completely. The dash partition headbutt for the unblockable must be something like charge db for 1.75 or so seconds, dash, continue charginging up+mp if you charge completely before the dash, you won’t get the headbutt even if you do the rest correctly. You get 10 frames of which your charge is still considered active.

As for buffering, I think you need a stick for that because it’s a very smooth motion from charging, to forward (or up) neutral, punch/kick, and back to charging.


yo quivitar hit this thread up
it has a lot of answers to what u might be asking. Mainly urien but u can apply it to characters that have charge moves i.e. Remy. Dash forward EX flash kick is pure sex lol


I already pointed him in that direction, doggie. You best be payin attention brah.

Charge partitioning aint no thang but a chicken waaang baby.


New guys: Post up your AIM info or email and I will update it in the thread. Also, I have about 100 Gmail invites that I need to get rid of, so if you guys want them let me know. I want some way to be able to talk SF with you guys.

Pete, you’re never on aim wtf. Same goes to Tom and his WoW addicted ass.


kk, aim etc in my info. id love to talk SF, and maybe even Cap vs. SNK if i can ever convince myself to play that again.

ill try some Q tricks tonight probably. but i really need sneakers =x


My AIM is Vizince.

I’m usually “Away.” Often times, I really am.


I’ll join in. I’m up for getting better in 3S. Aim: Streams468


when we’;re gonna play people…when…:nunchuck:


hey guys TGA Ranbat is this saturday who is going if you guys need a ride hit me up i’m from portland. So if anyone from maine besides me and knuckledust are going ihit me up for ride info, anyone from new ha,pshire do the same if anyone is interested


wish i could, but im going to be in greece =x


Go to da ranbat.

You have to wait 2 months or more to play me, unfortunately.

Btw: ST I’ve picked up Sim. Don’t ask why.


i just send sup a pm to see was-up…if is ok with him i might go…:tup:



I certainly hope you do go. Team Maine, motherfuckers!

How many of you guys want to seriously play ST when I come home? I know that I will force Tom to play, Peter already plays… I can use all the chargers with some degree of skill, I also can use Chun, Cammy and I’m soon going to concentrate on raising up my ST Sim and Old Ken. I also know a lot of the theory fighter for every character so I think a good scene can come for my favorite game as well.

I was having a lot of fun playing Old Ken. He has a better arc on the HP Shoryu, his late jab shoryu does a fuckload of damage, and he has a slow fireball he can walk behind.


old ken is straight up gangsta has mad priority i prefer him over new ken


So, are you taking Sandybags?

Also, yeah I don’t think I’d play new Ken. OG Ken has great footspeed and no shitty moves, I like being able to walk up mp/hp like w/ old Ryu and not get a stupid running punch or that slow ass overhead.

Dhalsim… I don’t get how to play him correctly. Maybe it’s just cause playing the computer only teaches a player how to turtle more effectively? I need human comp in this game… it’s ridiculous how everything gets shoryu’d on reaction and there’s no poking game per se. Atleast the 3s computer tries to do normals.


Dude, are you Ricky Santiago? I just assumed cause Hugo in 2nd place… If you are, good shit.

And also, if so…

Holy fuck I am scared. :confused:


that is correct taichi gigas ftw