Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


Goddamn. I wonder how high a level this guy is on in comparison to me… I just feel/know I am so bad at 3s. Right now my big game is ST again as I’m practicing my OG Ken.

How the hell do you juggle real life, ST, 3s and Marvel practice and still get good at them?!

For me right now it is something like: 1) I play the computer (ST) to learn pokes/counterpokes and tighten execution/timing. this is how I learned Bison, so it works 2) and then I go into training mode and work on my shoryus and combos. (It takes a while for me to pull off motion character moves, and shoryu practice for ST is always good)

By the time I do that, it’s been like 2 or 3 hours…


sidewinder good shit i’ll be look forward to playing you again hugo vs hugo.


I’m just like nike, I just do it. I find time here and there to play and when I play I try to do all the combos n stuff on reaction and on point. I go into training mode in 3S and record myself doing a combo then watch what i do, also I look at how i did them and see if i can do those combos on reaction and under real circumstances


That’s kind of my problem… I’m not a combo player really (ST gives you the ability to still win without doing much hit confirming and what not, luckily for me) and I have a hard time judging that kind of stuff.

Doing stuff on reaction is really something I need to learn. ST combos I find a lot easier because the hitconfirmation is longer and the character sprites go into a really drastic animation. Then once I hit confirm, I don’t know if my speed is good enough to do much comboing. (even short short super seems pretty impossible for me, in 3s)

Is there a way to “learn” hit confirmation that you know? Cause in match, once I see my short hitting… I have a hard time following up.

I can also hit confirm in A2 so I don’t understand what the fuck my problem is. I think if I could do it, I’d play Ken or Chun honestly… I think I can play a strong A2 style turtle Ken… atleast as a backup for Urien.


of course bro…you guys from the team hate, too cool…


you got aim


Did Tom actually go to Ranbat? I’ve been trying to contact that fool for like 2 weeks now… he dead?


he wasn’t there. and if he was, motherfucker had a cloaking device, cuz i only saw supaman.


Thanks for the tip Rob…

I now declare we have a moment of silence for our dead friend.

Tommy “Knucklesucks” Chadwick
He’s spamming hayates with Jesus now…

1987-2007… we await your return, Warrior.


reason # 9248673945974593749 that WoW sucks: It eats people. Literally.


lol he MIA and said i didn’t inform him I called him a day before the ranbat.

Wut up rob good seeing you and good shit in casuals yeah I’m scrubby in marvel so what lol


Maybe he’d know when the Ranbats and shit were if he answered his fucking phone once in a while or got online without looking for “epic mounts” “big swords” and all other euphemisms for “huge dicks”.



yeah man, good seeing you too. Step up your marvel game, son :arazz: so we can get some truly good shit next time (or whenever we end up playing each other again).

Hell, if you really like Strider/Doom, watch clock vids, there’s a whole page on Preppy’s site dedicated to his shit.

I need help learning SA1 Ryu’s matchups in 3s if i’m going to be playing at Evo East.

annnnnnnnnd play cvs2 :smiley:

i dont know who to bet on, i’ve never seen you play. Tom is good though.


Thanx rob for the encouragement I don’t play marvel as competively like I should cuz there is no one up here to play, I wish I could play you or any of the mass guys so i can get better.But it was fun beating VDO with a team I just started using lol


hey SUP i’m glad you make’it after that long-ass saturday…:wgrin:


i have NOBODY to play marvel with down here. I usually just sit in training mode working on my execution. I know most of the matchups, the only thing i need to get to about 95% is my execution. If i had to throw a number out there for accurate i am in marvel, i’d say around 75%.


No shit right next time we need to get a hotel cuz I was swerving a little on the way back :confused:

Rob we need to get down at evo east in some marvel, i’ll try to book a room as sson as possible. I’m probably going to bring my dreamcast and agetec stick and probably a PS2 and my finkle stick.

On a side note there is no way I’m gonna start playing CVS2, too many reasons why I just hate it how A-groove is so dominant and roll cancelling. I like watching it though lol

Yeah I agree with you Ryan, Tom is fucking up, fucking WoW can’t believe the shit it does to people


A groove ISN’T as dominant as you make it sound. C groove and K groove are extremely solid options. P groove is broke if you can parry :p. N groove is extremely good in theory fighter, but it’s pretty shitty otherwise. S groove is also shitty. Playable, but hard.

What’s the deal with Evo East anyway? I thought i was going down and rooming with you Maine guys? Get me on aim Supa. sn is Inferno625


I don’t think I can go to Evo East due to money issues.

As for the me vs tom thing… I’m practicing, he’s not. (he told me he doesn’t “need” to practice his execution when he came here) Figure out the equation.

Tom’s makoto is fine, but my work ethic is better. Hearing about Ricky’s 2nd place has given me an even bigger target and more incentive to play. I’m also practicing as hard as ever in ST with my new guy, OG Ken.

I was joking about the bet it and taking his soul and all that shit. I just think that if he doesn’t get his shit together and stop looking for potions and whatever, he’s gonna get raped.

Rob: After seeing this match: [media=youtube]CE_1cE36UbU[/media] I wanna play K Groove Raiden.


that’s what i’m talking about…:wgrin: