Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


What;s your AIM? PM it if you’re paranoid and shit. Or, get at me on mine. I am on all the fucking time.


i’m at work right now… and no aim cuz for me i’m so lazy that i haven’t bought a comp yet…:rofl:


I just booked my flight home!!!

I can’t wait to beat all of your asses. ;p


if you booked your flight…that means you’re around the corner…:wonder:


that raiden isn’t good.

trust me.

Look up Desora on youtube. He’s WAY better. Probably the best (and really, only serious) Raiden player.


Yeah but Mukai’s commentary is fucking hilarious. I wanna own with THE BIG MAN, BROTHER. Does that guy use R4? I really don’t want to learn another character lol… Dude is just too funny.

And Sandy: I’ll be in Maine on the 20th of May

JJuice plays Blue Urien right? I want Green.


that bastard beat me with the green URIEN…:annoy:


Desora uses R4 Raiden, but not all the time. But you better believe there are some DAMN good matches up on youtube starring the big man.

It’d be a good plan if you’re using K groove to pick up Cammy/Sagat, as well. C/S have some really solid matchups and it doesn’t hurt to know how bad Raiden gets raped vs them. If you play against most K grooves around here, you’re almost always going to run into cammy and/or sagat.



Back to silver… maybe black urien. Probably black urien actually.


i think the white URIEN is the best looking… looks weird too.:looney:


You mean silver, as in lk? I think I’ve decided on black urien.

The albino one looks dope but console only=who fucking cares.

Oh and Cammy/Sagat, I am pretty sure that I can play them already. Chp, cannon spike :rofl:


c.fierce with cammy isn’t THAT good.

stand fierce, then yeah.

unless you mean sagat.


C fierce for Sagat…

Cammy I would assume her pokes are about the same level of good as ST. Like, they move the same way. So standing fierce is good I think… I can figure out cammy ez



I bet none of you can catch up to me in rep… no negative repping keep it all in fun

Bet it.


u ain’t premie son so it don’t matter lol


soup ricky and knucks… if any of you wanna come down to RI for a weekend for some 3s action lemme know :slight_smile:


I don’t have the six bucks.

Goddamn I was stoned.

Shodokan, what about my invite? What about me? ME ME ME.:arazz: :arazz: :arazz: :arazz: :arazz: :arazz: :arazz:


lol he don’t know u son maybe when you start going to ranbats when you get back He’ll invite you

Colin thanx for the offer bro I’ll probably take u on that offer


Yah I know I am just being a bitch.


:rofl: :rofl: yea it’s good for a person that doesn’t play the game. p.s. don’t worry you still getting your mm in cvs2:devil: