Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


I sent a pm to knucks about posting in this forum cuz I don’t feel like posting at DDRMAINE just for tom, plus it is on him if he misses RANBATS so from now on if you don’t holler at me when the time comes around for a tourney and I specifically inform you ahead of time that is on you


you’re invited to my house… for some HUGO madness…:looney: :looney:


what are you talking about?

you canceled the money match in the TGA ranbat thread because we’re “too scrubbish”

Whatever dude, you either play me or you don’t, either way, i don’t care that much anymore. I know where i stand skill wise in the community and you saying shit doesn’t make much a difference. That’s all you are: a big TALKER.


So evo east is about a month away so i think now is the time to start planning. Who rolling with me down there and who is going to room with me.

Ricky I kno you gon roll with me n e one else?

Rob you down to room together cuz i’m down but don’t blame me if you can’t get no sleep cuz i snore like a horse lol



if you have room, i have 2 others that are coming with me, if not, then we’ll have to figure something out.

Please get me on AIM: Inferno625

I need to speak with you IMMEDIATELY about evo east.


snore…:annoy: oooooohhhh nooooo… well i’ll make sure i take some foamies with me then…:rofl:


a big shit talk that beat alot of people in games i don’t play. you skills please let’s not go there. you think you’re good but you’re really not good at all. so i am going the dead it.


Ricky: I might just have to travel out there to do that. I will be busy with my gf until mid june but I’m sure that Me and Pete will be going. ;p (My gf is going back to Japan for 3 months so, I’m going to spend all the time I can w/ her before that)

Pete: I can’t go to East at all. My flight is the 20th, and I need about a week to recover from jetlag, as well as the money issue. I’ll come down for SBO Quals though, and I’ll be at the ranbats and majors after June if we go down. I don’t mind doing highway driving, but I hate city driving but I don’t like city driving unless somebody is good on the map or I’ve been there before (only big city I can navigate is SF.)

As for Ed and Rob: Plz take your drama to an MM thread if this is going to happen… if not, plz don’t fill up the Maine discussion w/ Massachusetts beef. ;p Also, somebody let me know if this is happening for sure so that I can place a sidebet.


i’m not gonna senselessly argue with you. If you want to play, best 3 out of 5 for 50$. If not, just shut up about it.

EDIT: i’m just gonna delete what i said, i’m so sick of drama everywhere.


that’s cool on my book…especially if she’s going to jap…gotta spend as much time as you can…:lovin:


hey rob i just pm you

Cool so I take it that Ryan and Ricky are coming down with me for SBO qualifiers sweet since Knucks has not replied, i’m not gonna try to contact him


Yeah, it’s so weird that I haven’t heard from him since March. He and I have to set up our roomate situation for next year and shit on top of the fighting games nonsense.

I wonder if he’s even going to East now… it would be really sad if he quits 3s for World of Warcraft, which is what looks like is happening.


Shit, I keep wanting to go back to Hugo like a battered woman.

I must stick with Urien though.

Ricky, could you do me a favor and tape your hands doing a tachi gigas? I’d really like to see what that looks like execution wise. I could never do it.

Edit: Rob wants to see it too.

Also: Unblockable on Ken is about 30% now. I still fuck up dash-dash-toward mk but that’s alright… I’ve been playing Urien for like 5-6 weeks? Hahaha.


Thread got reset guys… please try to repost what you said here after 2:30 pm PST today.


shit i just forgot what i just said…:confused: :rofl:


Actually just talked to Tom.

His phone’s been dead, and he hasn’t been practicing much but he hasn’t quit.

Unfortunately he might not be able to be in the Portland area next fall… it all depends on if he can transfer or not. However, he will have a car so he can come down and play, which I’m sure he will.

It sucks that we’re all so fucking spread out. Atleast I got Pete in P-town and Quitivar as a possible roomate.


hey rob i don’t know if i can make the original time that i said I would go because ricky works on friday till 3, but if you can make it there yourself tthe others you can still room with us.




hey it’s still about 3 weeks away I wanna see what ricky can do first


just so you know, John (who doesn’t post here, but is coming with us/rooming together) can hold you guys up for a couple hours after evo east is over. You asked me if i could but it looks like i cant, but john who doesn’t live THAT far from me can.

Also, if you could let me know via AIM or phone (i’ll pm you my cell number) asap about this situation, it’d be appreciated. We’ll still be rooming with you guys regardless if we get a ride down from you or end up driving ourselves. But please let me know about the ride situation asap.