Portland, Maine-- Who else plays?


i think ill end up playing Q for fun and Ken for “tier whore lol”. occational makoto if i keep up with it.



So, I might not be able to make the SBO Quals either. It’s alright, AE is stupid anyway.

I’m hoping, but it’s right before my gf leaves for Japan. We’ll see.

Anyway, I hope TGA runs shit in July/August/September cause I will be able to make tournaments then.


dang…that sucks, you’re gonna miss alot of good stuff…:shake:


dang ryan u sux. Well hope u can make it, but hey i got only like 2 and a half months left so yeah. Ricky and I will represent Maine then


how many of you guys would be interested in doing Evo08?

i realize its a bit ahead of time, but this year i just dont know if ill have the time between saying goodbye to family/friends and working my ass off for cash. next year shouldnt be too bad though, and i think a trip to vegas would be fun. plus ill acctually be 18 then, so ill feel like less of a putz.


I think it’s less me sucking and more that the time for tournaments sucks.

Seriously, why kill off ECC and bump Evo East back to such an unreasonable time? That doesn’t give a college student any time in the summer to work to make the money to go to the qualifier.

Atleast I can beast at NEC if nothing else.


I found out why stupid ass hit confirming (to super) is so hard in 3s.

If I go past the input on the second rotation, which to me feels like the first usually, the other rotations don’t count and I get a stupid whiff.

I have to train myself to not do actual qcfs. Anyway, since I can do it now… you’re all fucked.

Urien might become a casual, I am going to look for a new main I think. Maybe I will surprise you guys.


future best oro player in the states guys


Thought we already talked about this… nobody should play oro. =P

Even people who don’t know me, know I wouldn’t play that toga wearing booger motherfucker.


oohs ryan can hit confirm now hmmmmmmm

ken or chun or dudz hmmmmmmm


I’ll say this much. I really really like having a low strong.


The only character I enjoy playing is Hugo, still.

To me, everybody else fucking sucks. Looks like I’ve found my permanent character. Bottom tier or not.


what he said…:tup:


ur funny ryan. i have to correct u on that nobody sux in the game. it’s just a matter of preference. As for the oro remark u watch vids of him doing damage to a lot of the cast.

Yeah i’m a top tier whore ken, yun, and chun FTW.

Oh yeah Ricky i got some stuff for u next time we meet bro get ready for evo son 1 more week can’t wait.

Oh and ryan i rather have short, short than strong lol if u catch my drift


cool. i know brah just 1 week…are we still 5 people in the room?



Also, Ricky Ricardo, what is your Hugo color? I don’t want to step on any toes, but I want MP (Purple).

You guys should PM me your cell numbers so I can find out how the tourney is going and maybe encourage your asses on the way down. If you guys don’t have cellys I’ll just call Rob and find out, haha.

Yeah I know Oro doesn’t really suck. He’s hard to play and turtley, if I wanted to do his style, I’d play Chunslut.

I was saying the rest of the cast sucks for me cause I don’t feel like I can exert any pressure or control w/ them. I don’t know, but every character I attempt to play is like what I think of in ST as a “Skeleton” style. Meaning that once they break through my poking and zoning I don’t have too many options.

To me It’s like with Ryu when they have that magic anti fireballing range… what do you do then? You have to guess and throw out close stuff, maybe walk up throw, try to get an ume shoryu and reset your zoning/trap… easier said than done. I like the fear factor of “If you’re dumb enough to get near me, I throw you” rather than having to guess a lot up close since 3s is such a rushdown game. If somebody gets in close range against Chun, it’s hard for me to get a knockdown with her and reset my “trap.” (which is effective but not as effective as it needs to be for my style)

Hugo works for me cause I don’t mind trading hits, I can smell jumps and ume backbreaker (ask Tom, hahahah!) and I know his poke game well. The only thing I need is Tachi Gigas.


bumping thread about evo east…

Plz get in contact w/ me


good shit team maine


Sup team maine.

My gf goes home on the 13, so I might be sad for a few days, but that weekend… I want to get some games in to cheer up and have some drinks maybe with friends. I’m about 3 weeks out of practice, but my M Bison is still sexy.

I don’t really have gas or money to speak of, so travel is a little bit difficult. but I have a happ and a sanwa and a 32in tv, enough places to sit.


once you stop crying n’ shit… get with SUP and come to my house for some HEAVY dose of hugo MADNESS…:encore: i’ll be on-call this w-end from work so pretty much i’m not going anywhere… i’ll be at the house …if not come next w-end or when any of you 2 have a chance…:woot: