Portland MvC2 11/23

Portland MvC2 11/23 results

1st: Brian Jiang - Sentinel/Cable/Commando
2nd: Eric “StiltMan” Foley - BH/Sent/Commando, Sent/Cable/Commando
3rd: Erwin “randomIronMan” Caballes - Iron Man/Cable and Commando or Cyclops
4th: Josh Chang - Mag/Sent/IM, Storm/Cable/Ken, Mag/Storm/Clops
5th: Lawernce “LawrencIUM” Nath - Magneto/Cable/Sent-Y, Mag/Storm and Psylocke or Sent-A
5th: Phongsack “laos_ninja” Vongsoury - Magneto/Cable/Sent-A, Storm/Sentinel and Cammy or Doom

Matches of note…

samB over Mind Reaver before the tourney 3-1
randomIM over Stilt 2-0, first round
Josh Chang over Lawrence 2-0, first round
Brian J over Josh 2-0, winners’ semifinal
randomIM over Phongsack 2-0, winners’ semifinal
Stilt over Phongsack 3-0, losers’ quarterfinal
Josh over Lawrence 3-1, losers’ quarterfinal
Stilt over Josh 3-2, losers’ semifinal (coming back from 2-0 down)
Brian J over randomIM 3-0, winners’ final
Stilt over randomIM 3-0, losers’ final
Brian J over Stilt 4-1, grand final

stiltman can u please tell randomIronMan to PM me here, he moved away from his cali friends with out giving us a new contact info or a goodbye i would appreciate it if u could do this for me