Portland MvC2 12/13


**Portland (Lloyd Center Tilt) MvC2 12/13

1st: Eric “StiltMan” Foley - BH/Sent/Commando, Spiral/Sent/Commando, Cable/Sent/Commando
2nd: Antoine “nakima” Davis - Magneto/Storm/Cyclops, Magneto/Storm/Cable, Cable/Doom/Commando
3rd: Rylan “DannyCat” Hilman - Rogue/Cable/Cammy :eek:**
4th: Phongsack “laos_ninja” Vongsoury - Magneto/Storm/Psylocke-or-Tron, Mag/Cable/Sent-A
5th: Lawrence “LawrencIUM” Nath - Mag/Cable/Sent-either, Mag/Storm/Sent-A
6th: Brian “gwaijai” Jiang - Sent/Cable/Commando, Mag/Storm/Sent-A

9 people total

Key matches:

Brian J (using Team Scrub) over Lawrence 2-1 winners’ prelims (yeah, really)
Stilt over Brian J 2-1 winners’ first round (yeah, really again)
Stilt over Phongsack 2-0 winners’ semifinals
Lawrence over Brian J (using MSS-A) 2-0 losers’… uh, somewhere
Rylan over Lawrence 2-1 losers’ quaterfinals
Rylan over Phongsack 2-1 losers’ semifinals
Stilt over Antoine 3-1 winners’ final
Antoine over Rylan 3-1 losers’ final
Stilt over Antoine 4-1 grand final

StiltMan novel to follow


Official StiltMonster Tournament Novel
12/13 Lloyd Center Tilt Edition

Okay… I knew this tournament was going to be really f***ed up. I didn’t know just how f***ed up, though.

Everyone’s seen all the drama that went into it over the “random” seeding by now. Of course, when Brian J hems and haws about joining the tournament because it was his birthday and he didn’t want to spend it all at a tournament, a little bit of suspense goes into it. Brian J asks Phongsack if he can enter the tournament, play me in the first round, and then leave. I bluntly tell them both that I’m not going to play Brian in an arranged match that counts for the tournament if he’s just going to leave right afterwards. So Brian says he’ll stay and they give him a first round match with Lawrence, who was drawn out of hat originally as per the random seeding to play me, and then I’d get the winner of that.

So yeah. You read that right. After all the screaming and yelling about how much better the tournaments would be if they were seeded randomly, they gave Brian J a first round bracket next to me at his request. Of course, the hope that Brian would beat me and knock me into the losers’ bracket right off never occurred to either Brian or Phongsack, I’m sure. :confused: Needless to say, I was a bit silently ticked off at this after all the drama over “random” seeding, and didn’t exactly think this arrangement had a whole lot of integrity in that light. However, that’s what happened.

Although it almost didn’t happen. Lawrence really should’ve beaten Brian in this match. He won the first game. He had a hit on Brian’s Sentinel in the second game and should’ve snapped him out but blew the combo. Then after he lost Magneto for pocket change, his Cable shot both Brian’s Sentinel and Commando to death, leaving Brian’s Cable (with meter) against both Lawrence’s Cable and Sentinel (with only a little meter) in a position where all he really had to do was not get hit to win the game. A few AHVBs later, Lawrence lost that one anyway. Then in the third game he again had a hit on Brian’s Sentinel early and should’ve snapped him out, only to blow the combo, although the rest of the game pretty much went all Brian’s way from there. I really was hoping, both because I liked my chances against Lawrence better than Brian, and because I think it’d be neat to see the dominant power structure in Portland’s MvC2 scene shaken up a bit (even though I’m part of it)… we saw a bit of that with randomIM knocking me to the losers’ bracket early last time and I thought we’d see it again here. Nope. Wasn’t to be.

So I had to play Brian J anyway. I finally worked up the guts to put BH/Sent/Commando against Brian’s Team Scrub in the first game. Brian, to my mild surprise, started Sentinel for this fight (which is actually a pretty good idea) and played it cautious. He countered Cable in when I screwed up a DT/HOD combo on his Sentinel, I DHC’ed to my own Sentinel to save BH. My Sentinel killed his Cable, but I got my BH shot along the way, leaving it to a Sentinel/Commando mirror match for the endgame which I wasn’t able to save. Oh well. This was a lot closer than it should’ve looked on paper, and Brian’s Cable is excellent, so I think I’m going to keep trying this match in the future… but for this particular occasion I decided to go to the bullpen and trotted out my own Team Scrub. I’d been working a bit on getting this team back into practice for this eventuality and felt better with that matchup than I did going back to Strider again like I did last time. It paid off. Game 2 is a Cable OCV to me. Game 3 went a bit more wildly and drawn out but I won again. Happy birthday BJ. Next time don’t ask for it. :smiley:

Here’s where the chaos that screwed up the rest of the tournament began to start. Phongsack simply had no idea how to navigate the brackets in terms of putting who where in the losers’. My reconstruction of who placed where is more or less a “best fit” guesstimate because the brackets came out so screwed up that we don’t have a clear tie for 5th – Phongsack put a number of people in the wrong place, and for whatever reason thought that the loser of the winners’ finals went to the losers’ quarterfinals. To be fair, the bracket forms themselves that he was going by were a bit poorly labelled, but even so, he’s run enough tournaments to remember where people go a little better than this just on experience. If I were to scan the losers’ bracket sheet and post it, you guys would be seeing scads of crossed out names where Phongsack stuck people in a great deal of confusion as to where they were supposed to go and by the time we realized he’d mangled one of the 5th place matches, all the players we could’ve brought back to play them out had already been eliminated and gone home, so we sort of had to improvise.

A bit of an early upset… DannyCat takes down Josh Chang in the first round winners’, after Josh took 4th last tournament and put a bit of scare on me with some rather infamous Ken comebacks to go further than that. No luck this time, though… Josh drew Lawrence in the losers’ bracket and went two-and-out.

So after a bit of random seeding and a bit of tough play, two of the better players in the tournament (Brian J and Lawrence) are in the losers’ bracket early, a third (Josh) is gone in two, and the semifinals of the winners’ bracket are Stilt-Phongsack and Antoine-DannyCat. DannyCat actually gave it a pretty good go but Antoine’s gotten a little too smart at this game to lose to the unfamiliar teams, plus he’s also been on the other side of the controls a number of times that I’ve felt like screwing around enough to trot Rogue out of mothballs.

For Phongsack’s part in the other semifinal, all the drama over who had the better Sentinel came to a bit of a whimper this time around. I’ll give Phongsack this much: for all his questionable tourney operation, he was at least wise enough to listen to me when I assessed his Sentinel as being a liability that cost him all three games in the last tournament match against me, and not the scrubs who were trying to claim his Sentinel was “dominant” against me. He went with Mag/Storm/Tron and Mag/Storm/Psylocke for the two games against my BH/Sent/Commando. He managed to snap my BH out in the second game, but it didn’t do him much good because Commando just DHC’ed safely to Sentinel immediately anyway, once again illustrating why I like Team Watts as my rush-stopper a lot better than Team Scrub. However, the games were at least more credible fights this time than he put up last time, even though he lost both of them.

Here’s where a bit of the chaos in the brackets started to come to roost. Phongsack mishandled where most of the people in the losers’ bracket were supposed to go, so Lawrence wound up playing through one quarterfinal while Rylan was first put in one half of the losers’ bracket well away from where he should’ve been. Brian J started playing MSS-A when he went to the losers’ bracket after his match with me, even though he is nowhere near as good with that team as he is with Team Scrub, because after losing to me he decided he didn’t want to stay any more anyway and was essentially going to lose on purpose when he played anyone halfway good who knew how to play their first team better than he knew how to play MSS-A. This turned out to be Lawrence.

However, at this point we had two losers coming from the winners’ bracket semifinals. Due to Phongsack’s mishandling of the brackets, Lawrence was the only guy left in the losers’ bracket who hadn’t been eliminated under the mangled system; Phongsack seemed to think that the loser of the winners’ final was supposed to be Rylan’s opponent while Lawrence would play… uh, I think Phongsack had himself there. Then I pointed out how it should’ve gone, and since all the people who’d been “eliminated” under the screwed-up system had already gone home we didn’t have any hope of replaying it in the right fashion… so we basically had to have Lawrence play Rylan and then the winner of that would play Phongsack out of the other half of the bracket. (Since Lawrence beat Brian, I’ve sort of got Brian at “6th” even though there’s no real clarity in the brackets as to who went out where after the 5th place spot.)

Or at least, that was the planned idea. I thought Phongsack was clear on this part, so I went downstairs to tell Antoine we could play the winners’ bracket finals, expecting that by the time I pulled him out of work the losers’ bracket would’ve sorted itself out and whoever was left would be waiting for the loser, and all the matches could be played out without a break so that Antoine could get back as quickly as possible. I come back with Antoine to find out that Phongsack hasn’t run the match with Rylan (who beat Lawrence) yet, because he thinks he’s supposed to play either myself or Antoine before he gets there, and thus leave whoever loses between us somewhere other than in the losers’ finals… which was a little screwed up. I know I’m describing this horribly, but you had to be there. :confused: :confused: :confused:

At any rate ™, the winners’ final gets played at that point. I went with BH/Sent/Commando, Antoine went with MSC. Blowout. Antoine takes Cable/Doom/Commando for the second game, which leads to a long, drawn out second game where I wasn’t mentally prepared to exploit enough of the holes in position and close range fighting that BH can make out of this game to force this into any other kind of fight other than a slow chipping game, which Cable/Doom/Commando is inevitably going to win, and did. For game 3 I decided to dust off Spiral/Sent/Commando. (A major thank you goes out to Clockw0rk for suggesting this team to the Spiral public at large.) As anticipated, that takes Cable-based waiting teams off the table, and he goes back to MSC to try to at least force a fifth game, but he goes down in four to Spiral/Sent/Commando.

Only at this point is the losers’ semifinal between Phongsack and Rylan played, with the winner going to Antoine in the losers’ final. Rylan pulls yet another upset, which leads to a lot of “WTF” quietly going around. Rylan then goes up 1-0 in the losers’ final on Antoine’s MSC, and Antoine finally gets out MS-Cable and wins three straight to put Rylan out of it. Major overachievement for a good player using a somewhat bad team. If his Rogue were a bit less predictable and his Cable were better at pulling off the basics, he might’ve even made the grand finals against me. (And at that point, I probably would’ve played at least a first set going Rogue v. Rogue with him just for the novelty of having an all-Rogue grand finals and saved the usual teams only for the second set, if necessary. Sadly, it was not to be. :frowning: )

So after Antoine polishes Rylan off, it comes back to the grand finals with me. He pauses a moment in the first game to see whether I’m going to stay with Spiral or whether I’ll go back to BH. I went back to BH. Out comes Cable/Doom/Commando again. This time around, things started off very badly for him with the Cable vs. BH fight… I zoned him off a lot more ruthlessly and hurt him in doing it, while still staying clear of Doom’s rocks enough that he couldn’t turn it into much of a pure chipping game. He’s forced to DHC Cable out to avoid getting him killed, and eventually I follow suit with BH DHCing to Sentinel when it doesn’t look like I’m going to get a StiltMonster DHC on his Doom before BH is run into the ground. Then Sentinel abused the rest of his team, 1-0.

Second game, he goes back to MSC. I killed his Magneto for giggles and then blew the DHC on a hit on his Storm. (I remember calling it out loud, “That’s HELLA not gonna hit!” when I saw where his Storm was on the screen when I cancelled the HOD. Sure enough…) This cost me in the long run, because he managed to come back to win the game in the closing seconds despite my best efforts to stall.

These were the two most contested games of the grand finals. In the third and fourth games his Mags got abused by BH, once getting killed with a DHC and once without and then Storm got DHC’ed instead. He tried going back to Cable/Doom/Commando in game 5 looking at 3-1 down, and then Cable took a turn eating the DHC early. Shortly after he tried to shoot my Commando when I countercalled on his, but my Sentinel was already too high up to be kept on the ground, and he had no meter left to DHC with, so his Cable got finished off there. Doom/Commando trying to come back on Sentinel with Commando and BH both still around was a bit of a turkey shoot… I did triple DHC to get BH back in before Sentinel died but neither Doom nor Commando had more than pixels of life left by that point, so the game was a bit academic and BH didn’t have to do much more than clean up.

I won the tournament, but it still could’ve been run a lot better and it also could’ve used a lot more people. No Kennewick (although no big surprise there). No Seattle even after much teasing. There were about three Portland locals who were spotted at the mall who refused to enter the tournament for various reasons. And after Brian J more or less lost on purpose in the losers’ bracket the outcome in the end was a bit anticlimactic. No showing from Marcus whatsoever, which graduates him from merely “retard” to “retarded little punk” in my book for all the shit talk he’s spouted over the last few weeks that he doesn’t even show up to make a paltry attempt to back up… or at least own up to it enough to take his medicine. The guy he was propping up for “beasting” on my screw-around teams was literally at the arcade at the time of the tournament and refused to enter despite the efforts of both Phongsack and myself at talking him into joining. (Uh huh. What a beast we got there. :rolleyes: ) Have to at least give props to Jetay, he at least showed up and stayed for the tourney to take his licks even though the GGXX tourney hopes kind of fell flat. (Did that even get run at all? :confused: ) Gotta at least give respect to the guy for that even though he was jawing that I wouldn’t win this tournament. :lol:

And of course, “random” seeding that applies to everyone except the guy who requests to play me in the first round in hopes of sending me to the losers’ bracket early, together with the mismanagement of the brackets throughout the tournament, lent more than just a little bit of farce to the whole thing. However, it did at least get played out and the matches themselves didn’t have a huge amount of controversy, and there was indeed a fairly clean line of who-beat-who from 1st through about 4th or 6th or so… which is a bit surprising given how screwed up it all was.


Yeah, I don’t even play the game all that seriously anymore; basically just the idea of pulling off random upsets is entertaining enough that I spaz out the occasional win. It seriously wasn’t until today that I stopped, looked around, and thought to myself, “Hey, wait a minute…Storm’s launcher is good! :eek:” Just hadn’t given it all that much thought before… :smiley:

The 2-0 that Brian lost to Lawrence was a bit surprising, but hinged upon the same thing in both games: Brian got point-and-assist knocked into the air off a Rocket Punch assist with a locked and loaded Cable right behind it. Pretty much cost him the game right there each time.

I won three dollars!! :lol:

I’m also currently in the process of disassembling my arcade stick for spare parts, so I’m not liable to get MvC2 practice in at home for a while, just like the several months previously in which I haven’t touched the game on the Dreamcast…pretty much going on Tilt-based experience alone, because the random times I head on down to Corvallis, either nobody’s playing on the machine or those who are playing learn what "OCV’ means. To my backup Felicia/Sakura/Sonson team. :rolleyes:

Still, I won three dollars!! Spent one of those dollars on an intriguing blend of Vanilla Coke and raspberry iced tea over at 7-11. Yum.

Perhaps if our DDR machine returned, or our 3S machine returned, or the GGXX machine got revamped, or the OopsLemmeReprogramThisGame Fairy visits the SvC machine, all before I head out to Korea(long story). Ah well, in the meantime, perhaps I’ll have to learn some of these fabled “Cable basics”, and…wait a second.

SPIRAL’S back?! Whoa.


Well, Brian J’s choice of MSS-A should’ve been a pretty dead giveaway that he didn’t care if he won or not. His best team, by far, is Scrub… followed by Row (which could probably be his best team if he kept it in practice), followed by Sent/Storm/Commando at the top of his “for casual only” list. By the time you get to MSS-A, you’re so far down his depth chart that his choice of that team in a losers’ bracket tournament match amounted to nothing less than losing on purpose so that he could leave.

Lawrence picked up on this, too: after Brian picked that team for the second game, he asked Brian what he was doing, and Brian answered, and I quote, “I gotta leave.”

Have to at least give Brian props for the sportsmanship to play out his second loss rather than simply quitting and walking off.

Yup. The six-armed proverbial female dog is back!

And there was much rejoicing. At least by StiltMan. Everyone else was beginning to ponder, between BH and Spiral, if I would ever come into the modern world and start moving forward. :lol:

At least until they saw my Sentinel this tournament. Even with BH/Sent/Commando, my Sentinel burst into a number of seemingly random fits of manic rushdown interspersed with my usual turtling/trapping. The assist scheme gives him a lot of options and this time around I went between all of them with no apparent rhyme or reason to them. People are so used to seeing the Stiltinel just bore them to death that the seemingly random swapping between offense and defense threw them off… they weren’t sure at all what to do with that because they didn’t know what I was going to do next. Good. :smiley:


** Teasing? WTF? I was really trying to go. But no one else wanted to go so I was like hmm might as well stay home then.**


its ok…im still gonna run it the way just because u dont like it, yes i have run the tournies before but i was following the numbers, and the usual tournouts were always more than it was of this tourny so things were different, but only a baby would hold it against me. You guys should seen his face when i was gonna put him against brian first instead of lawrences. “No, He should be in this bracket!” just because he saw that i was in a calm mood, he had to ask me if i wanted to seed this when i did say it was finalized. Act all nice and sweet like a school girl, then when gets home and online. Starts crying his heart out about how poorly a tourny is run, and talks mess again. Also insisting on getting the brackets after he said that if i said anything about banning him that he wouldnt post it…but now he won his gold star in marvel and wanted to post. he practically was beggin for it. After i did say just complain to me in person and ill decide if ill bann you or not…and he said mention anything about banning him in any context…Any…and i mentioned that after he said that. no one else was really complaining…just one person, and since it was brian j’s bday i gave him his request. its ok i was off today, i didnt enough sleep and 1 nights practice didnt cut it…but a win is still a win…good job…and just because i played msp or mst doesnt mean i took ur advice of the better sentinel…i just wanted to try something different…im pretty confident in my sentinel vs urs that i’d put 2 dollars on it for a 1v1 sentinel match…first one to touch the win button loses.


Actually, as someone completely unrelated who’s had a long history of organizing tournaments…those brackets were rather messy. :wink: At various points during the tourney I wasn’t quite sure what minimum placing I was at(“So, I’m at least top 4 now?” “No, top 5.” “…huh?”), and also noticing that all the losers bracket action seemed to be going on over on the other side of the chart.

I mean, it’s fun and all to get my highest placing in a MvC2 tourney ever, but the road there was a bit wacky.


OK, first off… I just wanna say this. To say whether or not Brian gave up those games is only something he knows. Obviously, he didn’t want to be there for the tourney, and just wanted to play you. Sure, it probably should have been like a side bet or something similar, but still, it’s a local tourney with 0 outsiders… not a big deal, sorry chief. And then to critisize the Sac’s bracket skills when we all know even though he’s put his name on tourneys before, he’s never really been running the brackets. So to say he should be able to run the brackets off the top of his head when you even said that it was tough for you to read and that’s why you switched brackets is pretty rediculous. Granted, you did mention that the brackets were tough to read, but IMO, it was put more as a footnote to just insulting Phongsack’s intellgence.

Really, just dropping down a random post after playing hella FF11, so ignore everything from the first ‘o’ to the last ‘.’ and all the spelling errors in between… Punch punch kick.

Anyway, congrats on the win today, and good stuff with Brian.


my managers are gay, thats my reason


Well, unless I misunderstood the exchange between Brian and Lawrence during the match, he made it pretty clear that he was basically losing on purpose in order to leave. Lawrence might be able to shed light on this, but I’m pretty sure what I heard.

As for Phongsack… well, I was speculating on your reasons for your team choice, and if indeed you’re going to a Mag/Storm-centric game plan, I really do think it’s a good idea for you. Maybe you could put Sentinel as the third char, but Mag and Storm are simply your two best chars (and I’ve said so before), so if you could make MSP or MST work for you, I’d say you should go for it. Your MSP is a genuine threat to me. Your Sentinel-centric teams aren’t, really. And please, stop complaining about AAAs. You’re really not doing yourself any favors by that. You sound like a Vancouver Mall scrub whining about assists. If you don’t like getting hit by Commando, stop playing Sentinel like a Commando magnet. If you think that you somehow deserve some kind of “honor points” by claiming you could beat me if I didn’t have Commando behind Sentinel or that somehow I lack skill for it, I’ve got a nice article here for you to read: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/thread34747.php

As for the operations… well, they were screwed up. The bracket operation itself was mangled, and yeah, I do still intend to get you a set of better-labelled brackets that’ll make it easier in the future. And despite everything that was screwed up, I still didn’t see it as my place to disrupt the process – on tournament day, regardless of what I think of the tournament rules or the people running them, I’m always going to do my best to see that they’re run smoothly and lend whatever help I can. I’m just a nice guy, that way, even when said tournament operator is rigging the brackets with obvious hopes of screwing me over.

And on that note… yes, I’m going to have to call you on that. Yeah, I know that it was Brian’s birthday. And I’m really sure that that was the only reason you granted his request to play me in the first round. I’m really quite convinced that the thought that he would beat me when he was probably the only guy in the room who was going to do so, and thereby you might indirectly punish me for all the disagreements, really never entered your thoughts. I’m sure you were trying very hard to avoid even the slightest hint of things like, say, conflict of interest in the way you were operating the tournament in order to screw over people you don’t like.

Yeah, right. Pull the other one. :confused:

If you want to run a random tournament, then run a random tournament. No, I don’t think it’s the optimal way to do business, but if that’s your choice, fine. But after all the arguing and threatening and saber rattling, at least have the integrity to follow your own rules. What happened with Brian was something I never did when I was running tournaments. I not only didn’t punish people I didn’t like, I went out of my way to avoid even the suggestion that I was punishing people I didn’t like, even when they’d given me a lot of trouble in the past. I’ve done it before. I’ll refrain from exacerbating the drama by naming any names, but rest assured, it happened.

State the rules. If I don’t think they’re a good idea, I’ll say so – and that’s all I’ve done. I’m not arguing that seeded tourneys are a good idea out any real or imagined dislike for you. I’m arguing that because I think that’s the best way to do it. And if you’re really only refraining from running them that way just out of some sort of petty grudge against me… well, I’m sorry, but that’s sad. :bluu: BUT if you state your rules and follow them, I’ll at least respect that you’ve got the integrity to keep it clean.

That’s not what happened yesterday. I’ll let it slide this time because of all the drama (and because, yeah, your efforts to screw me over depended on Brian actually beating me and therefore, uh, kind of failed). But you and I both know you can do better than that.

And if you can’t, you shouldn’t be running tournaments.


So you are basically accusing me on planning the tournament this way??? u vs brian???..i didnt know about his birthday till the last minute…he took his 3 dollars and wanted to leave…then when more people entered he all of the sudden he decided he wanted to play and stay for the tourny now, which threw me off and i already set up the brackets. So i put him against lawrence then you at birthday request…everything was fine till we got to the losers bracket…and yes i have run tournies before but i was always getting help when there was more peoples…so you cant really blame me for bad brackets. Personally i wanted you first round, brian just threw me off all of the sudden deciding to enter…and it really should have me and you in the finals no offense to the other players ahead of me, but i was off point that tourny and it will be different next time. thas if the other person that placed ahead is offended and will actually be in the next tourny again.


I’m not saying you planned it that way in advance, no. But when Brian came along and asked to play me in the early rounds after all the hemming and hawing over whether he’d enter, I’m like… “Is Phongsack really going to do this after all the arguments over how the tournaments should be random?” Especially after you and Brian go off on your little private side conversation before you come back saying he’s going to play me. I was just kind of rolling my eyes and quietly preparing on a mental level to take it out on both of you guys in the tournament matches. At least you guys gave me that much chance to do my talking about what I thought of the whole thing in the game. But it really did smell like I was being screwed over on a whim.

You were partly off, yeah. I don’t think this tournament was one of your better efforts; your execution seemed a little sloppy for you, and maybe you just weren’t all that focused or something. Against me, I don’t know that it would’ve mattered; I turn anger into competitive motivation, and after all the drama going on lately I was simply not going to lose to you yesterday. It was against Rylan that you sort of coughed one up. Rogue/Cammy is a fairly good pairing – who remembers my Rogue/Doom/Cammy from my very first MvC2 tournament? :smiley: – and Cable/Cammy can abuse Rogue’s assist in really nasty fashion, but that’s probably not a fight you should’ve lost, no. Rylan played the best tournament of his life, though, and beat no fewer than three different players that, on paper, I would’ve probably given odds against him on and threatened to take a fourth, so I can’t knock him. He’s got more devotion to Rogue than I had. :lol:


yea i thought finals wouldve been stilt v josh or phongsack since me and RIM wasnt there. brian didnt care. good shit antoine

yea and people need to stop bitching bout things in the game, if you get shot 4 bars worth you got shot 4 bars worth. if commando keeps hitting you, stop getting hit by commando. last time i played a certain person im not gonna say i raped his mag with my shitty sent who had like 75% bar. (let me say this was the dumbest thing you can do in marvel against a cable with 4 bars) as i execute the sent unblockable with storm doing her projectile for some dumb reason cable comes out HYPER VIPER BEAM when the 4 bars were gone, storm and sent are dead with commando left. and when i do that to the him last time we play. "yea anybody can do 4HVB


Yeah, that’s actually something I should’ve said by now and haven’t… Antoine did an excellent job taking care of business, almost in understated fashion. I can’t say that it’s altogether shocking that he wound up being my finals opponent at all. Of all the Magneto players in Portland, his is often actually the one I have the most trouble against, because he’s one of the very few who actually slows it down and thinks about crap before he goes after people. In a town where all the Magneto players are mostly about pure speed and very little thought, Antoine’s the one guy who’s willing to pause and try to figure out his opponent and not try to force things as much when they’re not there.

How many other Magneto players do you see who’ll turn around and play Cable/Doom/Commando in a pretty baldfaced effort to out-turtle me? It would be really scary if he were to do something like Mag/Cable/Doom and combine a bit of both worlds in the same team while giving Mags some chipping power to go with all the patience… to say nothing of screwing up Commando calls with Doom’s rocks. :eek: