Portland MvC2 8/25



1st: Eric “StiltMan” Foley - Sentinel-A/Cable-A/Commando, Cable/BH/Commando
2nd: Brian Jiang - Sentinel/Cable/Commando
3rd: Andrew “Drew-Dub” Blanchette - Magneto/Cable/Sentinel-A, Storm/Sentinel/Cable**
4th: Theo “Taiga_knee” Crooks - Magneto/Cable and Psylocke or Sentinel
5th: Nathan “ThunderforceGod” Garza - Storm-Y/Sentinel and Commando or Cable
5th: Antoine “nakima” Davis - Magneto/Storm/Cyclops

A few surprises… no appearance from either Jackson Chen or Preston Eng. Theo caught Brian J coming out of the gate cold after the latter had a first-round bye, sending him to the losers’ bracket in his first match and went down fighting hard all along the way in general, sending both of the matches he lost the distance – to Drew-Dub and Brian J in a rematch in the losers’ bracket. Stilt retired his old hallmark Sentinel-A/Cable/BH team and brought a new oddball squad to play with, taking an undefeated streak all the way to the grand finals with it, including beating Drew-Dub’ Storm/Sent/Cable 3-0 in the winners’ final.

Drew-Dub tried to play the Cable/BH/Commando card on Brian J’s Sent/Cable/Commando in the losers’ final only to find it not working very well at all, went down 2-0 with that and couldn’t salvage a win with Storm/Sent/Cable either, coughing up the sweep. Stilt refused to let Theo and Drew-Dub’s failure to stop Brian J’s Sent/Cable/Commando with Cable/BH/Commando get to him, took that team, and managed to screw up badly enough as well to lose three games before winning the grand final 4-3.

Only twelve people total because of a lot of miscommunication as to who was responsible for announcing it and posting fliers for it… which basically didn’t ever get done, so the only people who showed up, did so by word-of-mouth.


** First Ima gonna look in the WHITE PAGES for this bitch!**


Stiltman is still PIMIPIN!



I wanna see Tamara go back for the hail storm! I don’t mind blocking a bit of ice for that show! :smiley:

Brian J is a killer… everyone was drawing up the intel on him using Sent/Cable/Commando and never going away from it, and since I’ve been taking that team apart for free with Cable/BH/Commando both at Evo and throughout Oregon, Theo, Drew-Dub and I all threw that matchup at him, and damn if he didn’t just about take us all out anyhow. Theo and Drew got no love out of the “hopeless matchup”, and I did my best to blow a 3-1 lead with it even though I’m supposedly the one who’s experienced at it. Note to self… stop doing full screen DHCs to armageddon and GHVBs all over the place. Those suck. Time for the bullpen counter-team to do a little more practicing… :bluu:

Speaking of matchups that should be a lot easier than they turn out, WTF is with the Mariners lately? Can they please stop stranding ten runners a game on base? :wtf: Row, you’re closer to them than me, get over to Safeco and teach Ichiro how to triangle jump or something. :confused:


rodolfo ITS TIME WE PLAYED IN MVC2:evil:


I agree, you want to come over here and play! I’ll pay for all your games! hahahahah:evil: :lol:

p.s: bring tamara with you!


Damn Drew Mag/Cable/Sent-a is hella bomb. I used that team against everyone. Oh and that Storm/Sent/Cable how you lose with that. Mabey you and Cody show get together and have him give you the lowdown on that team. Naw j/k bro you bomb. Theo My homw boy what happened you were suppose to win this one for me. Its ok I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming to this 8/31 tournament or whatever day it is. Not a 100% sure tho cause school starts this week. Damn I hate High School and I hate being 16 with no licence. Damn I’m hella dumb and I suck at MvC2 StiltMan owns me. I got hella lucky at the last tournament!