(Portland, OR) 8/15/09 - SF4 Tournament & Late-Night Fighting Session

*What: Street Fighter IV (360) Tournament & Fighting Game Session (til 5am)

This event is also a Portland/Vancouver area practice session for players planning to go to Northwest Majors. During the session, priority is given to games featured at the Northwest Majors.

Mini-Tournaments are encouraged and up to participants to setup and organize.

When: Saturday, August 15th, 2009 @ 8pm (signups 7:30pm). Session ends at 5am.

What Games:

  • Street Fighter 4 (Tournament & Session)
  • HDR (Session)
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Session)
  • BlazBlue (Session)
  • King of Fighters XII (Session)
  • Third Strike (if someone brings CRT TV w/ PS2 and game)
  • Accent Core (if someone brings equipment & game)
  • Virtua Fighter 5 (Available)
  • Soul Calibur IV (Available)
  • Tekken 5 DR (Available)
    *DoA4 (Available)

Versis Videogame Center
1356 NW Civic Dr.
Gresham, OR 97030
(503) 491-1068

How Much: $10 entry fee per tournament

Prizes: Top 3 players of each tournament will win earnings from the prize pool. A minor portion of the entry fees will go to Versis to cover cost of operations and space. The remainder of the entry fees is put into the prize pool.

1st place: 60% of prize pool
2nd place: 30% of prize pool
3rd place: 10% of prize pool

Who: All are welcome to join and participate. However, because this event will run late into the night, we have to account for curfew.

If you are under 18, get parents permission (a letter with parent/guardian contact info is highly recommended) and know that you cannot leave the store between midnight and 5am unless picked up by a parent/guardian/someone stated in a letter.

Top Seeds (based on recent tournament history):
Seeding is based on the Fight Night Tournament Results in 4/17/09

  1. Red Cyclone
  2. Lord BBH
  3. Rayblade X
  4. Ben
  5. Sam Y & Slade*

The Aftermath Fighting Session (kind of like an After Party)
Following the tournament, there will be an after-event session (late night fighting game session going very late into the night).

Tournament participants get to play fighting games for free during the aftermath. Non-tournament participants can join in for a one-time $6 fee for the night.

The Session will end around 4am-4:30am for cleanup and closing. Closing will occur around 5am-5:15am (just before the first max departs Gresham Station).

Food & Drinks
Versis has a No Outside Food & Beverage policy as food & drinks are sold at the venue. Water in a see-through container is the one exception. Food & Drink purchased at Versis can be consumed at the gaming stations (but avoid eating food around tournament participants during their matches as that can be rude to competing players).

Feel free to question or comment in this thread or the original thread in the Northwest Forums
Tournament Organizer: Fight Night Community (Sam Y will be team lead)
Versis Representative: Chanchai

Just a quick reminder about tomorrow’s Street Fighter IV Tournament & Fight Session.

Side Note: for the session, if anyone is willing to bring additional systems (or even just cables and power supplies for 360s), that would be great and help to have more stations going simultaneously. We will have some additional stations, but the more the merrier :slight_smile: