Portland players coming to seattle for ST?

I wanted to check if any of the portland ST players would like to come up to seattle one of these days (maybe a saturday) and have a full day of playing with the seattle ST crew. I could host, and we could have games on both PS2 and sit down cabinet. I think Seattle has gotten a lot better and it would be fun and raise the strength of the overall Pacific Northwest ST scene!

We could even maybe do some team tournaments.

Any interest from PDX?

I suck, but I’d come up and play if I can get a ride. PDX is all 3s and cvs nazis -_-

STFU! u r dumb

Definitely interested if there’s a driver.

Zass, are you going to EVO World?


Hintalove (Matt) always tries driving up to Redmond for GG on Saturdays… I think we can easily work something out since more money saved overall = the better.
But I’ll ask him.
I definitely want to go this saturday, but it just looks like us in his van. urgh…


I can’t host this saturday but I can on another day as long as I get some notice. What saturday works best for PDX ppl?

To be honest, I wouldn’t go to Seattle just for ST.