Portland / Salem folks - Interested in Weekly / Monthly tournaments?


Hey all. I’ll try and make this post as informative as possible.

I started playing fighting games a lot right around this winter. And, after a while, I really wanted to start going to tournaments to get my foot into the door. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find regularly running tournaments in the Portland area, and I wasn’t really up for driving out to Seattle or NorCal every time I wanted to do some fighting. As luck would have it, a LAN gaming area opened up just this labor day in Milwaukee, and I started having some ideas.

1. The point of this thread
I see that there’s a lot of cool people around Portland who play fighting games. So uhh, fuck it, why not organize some small tournaments? I was thinking that it would be awesome to have a $5-10 buy-in tournament happen regularly to promote the community in our area.

I am trying to see how many people would be interested in this. The tournaments would be held at “The GameRoom”, a place that opened up recently. You can find their (what I assume to be still WIP) website here: http://www.gameroompdx.com. I checked out the place myself - and there is a large area that would comfortably hold a decent sized tournament (32 playerish). They have 7-8 Xbox consoles set up with TVs in this area, and after doing some chatting, they’d be more than willing to work something out to have people come over and play.

2. What do you need from me
Well, just say “that’d be cool”. Post in this thread, or toss me a PM and let me know if you might be interested. If there is at least 10 people (and I have a small group of fighting game fans 4 strong that’d be willing), then this could be the start of something fun. I’d organize it all and try to make it as transparent as possible.

3. The details laid out
Where would it be? - The GameRoom. 1926 SE Scott st, Milwaukie OR 97222. http://www.gameroompdx.com

What console? - Xbox
Do they have TVs? - Yep.
Do they have controllers? - Yep. No arcade sticks, however.
Venue fees? - $2-5
Tournament fee? - $5-whatever
What’s the payout? - Hey man, let me gauge interest first, I haven’t even started organizing for an actual tournament yet!
Is there food? - They have a snack bar. Plenty of dry snacks, and some hot food like corn dogs and pizza.
Is there beer? - Yep. Don’t know too many details on that though.
Is there food and beer nearby? - Yep.
What games would we play? - Street Fighter 4. Because, everybody plays this game.
Can we do tournaments for other games? - Hey, let me know, I’d be more than willing to set things up. If 8 UMVC people randomly tell me they want some action, let it be so!
What other cool stuff is around? - Dark Horse Headquarters. Things From Another World mortar store.

If something like this is already happening, I’m sorry. I tried to look around facebook pages and posts all over the place, and couldn’t find anything. Let me know and I’ll edit / take this thread down appropriately!

Portland Area: Looking for a venue?

Milwaukie is a great spot - I’d be down for some fights! Maybe keep it a casual meet up first then work on some buy-in games later. Hopefully some interest in games other than SFIV also - 3rd Strike, Darkstalkers, etc.