Portland: Tilt sux/ new Ground Kontrol night?

Now that i moved down into town, ive been going over to ground kontrol, aaaand its been pretty nice. I think peeps would have fun there, especially if there were better folks to play. -(plus, I really need the practice, and im only primarily concerned w 3rd strike i admit.)

But anyway, 3s, ST, MvC2, broken Alpha 3 (1p stick, the last time i played), and some other shit i cant remember/dont play…(edit: soul calibur something…:confused:
*25 (real quarters…
*Girls. -on Saturdays, ive noticed the place is packed, with overflow from the cluuubs in/around chinatown i guess. And hella nerdy girls.

PDX Thursday nights at GK?
Sat. boozy nights? -I’ll be there
I have thursdays off anyway, i think im gonna try and get something started.

What does everyone think>

Sounds good… Seems like the kind of place where you can enter a tourney, then have a few drinks afterwards without leaving the building.

I haven’t been to Tilt in nearly 2 months because of this place. More people should check this place out since just about all the good players are over 21 now (except Virsaga, 4 more years? Damn).

This could be Portland’s version of Gameworks =P

GGs on Saturday night, cloudkap!

What I think about GK
+Good gaming atmosphere
+Shitty cabinets
+Closes at 2am
-Dirty white girls
-Bottle alcohol is trash
-Gaming + Alcohol=A dumb mix at competitive play
-GK best games are at the counter and the HydroThunder

It is a place I can see myself going into for a bit and/or randomly. So just post up when people have interest in attending and I’ll c wassup.

P.s. MVC2 on a shitty cab for 2 quarters is trash.

lol yep crappy marvel cab

So I emailed Tilt, through its contact form on their site, suggesting they pick up a Street Fighter 4 for the Lloyd Center location, and got back this.

So that’s something, at least.

that sounds like fantastic news :bluu:

BUMP. by popular demand.

plus, im drunk as usual

At least the sticks on the marvel cab are the right height… lets see that shit on some of the other fighting games plz.

I may swing by thursdays after school, especially if I ride my bike cause its sort of on the way home… or I can ride a bit and catch the interstate max. Not this week though. Gotta save them quarters for SFIV

When r people gonna b there?

so thursday is the day to show? I’ll try to make it.

Is this sarcasm or did they change the sticks from those smaller ones?

GK wasn’t too bad its pretty fun spot to just chill at. Too bad Marvel is fitty cents.

dirty white girls:rofl::rofl::rofl:

well okay they are a little short. But its better than the monster huge sticks on other cabinets. I could at least trijump a bit and such in marvel. I had problems doing supers in 3s. Id rather have shorter sticks than taller ones.

people showing tonight?

i get out of work at 9, i’ll be there after 9:30

as of the moment I have no car, my phone is broken and it is cold/rainy out. Having cold feet about heading out but if I get my phone working at least I know I wont get stranded out there if I get lost heh.

hey, I’m ridin my bike there too man. Plus I downloaded a new app for my phone that can fly you home if you need- they still haven’t made one that’ll make me less scrubby at 3S though.

I went for a few minutes. didn’t see anyone so I left. I know I said I wasn;'t going, but then I got stuck downtown for at least 30minutes at 10:30, so I figured I’d stop by.

ha. yeah. i got there at like 9:30 or 9:45, there was nobody playing sf, and there was a cover.
i decided to bounce. i asked one of the guys working there if thurs. usually had bands/cover charges, but he said no. its random i guess.
I’ll be at tilt fri night , and, id usually be at gk on sat, but i met some girl recently, so idk whats going on sat night. Its fun there though, if you can get someone else to go, theres a bunch of other nerds there and the vibe’s fun as hell. not like you’re gonna find any good competition tho. (((((hint hint hint peeps show up!!!)))))

Well I can’t play 3s on those sticks its too crappy. I just play marvel and have people come up to me and mash on the sticks while they are drunk saying they would kick my ass…

Imma go to tilt here in a bout 20 minutes or so.