Portland Tilt Tournament #3 3S @ T5DR April 21

Tourney #3
When: April 21, on a Saturday (04/21/07)
Where: Portland, OR at the Lloyd Center Tilt
What games: Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection
Prizes: 1st=70%, 2nd=30%, 3rd=10%, 4th=Ray’s big four hand signal:tup:
Entry fee: 5 dollars for each game
Time it’ll start: Sign ups start at 2:00 pm and tourney will start at 3:30 sharp

Alright so remember to show up on time, because I will start at 3:30. People should come down for this one too. You never know when one of these days everyone will show up for one of these tourneys. Everybody get some practice, work on your combos and strat’s. Anyone can take home the gold with a little determination, or at least…whispher,whispher(“Put White Sam in the losers and I’ll give 5 bucks, eliminate Sam and I’ll give you 20 bucks”):wink:
Nobody can stop me from 5 1st place tourneys in a row.

Oh shit more money for me

sorry sam that offers just too good to refuse =D

if sam goes up against any member of team scrub, he is obligated to only use one-hand during the match.
i saw it in the tilt-tourney rulebook, paragraph 1149, sub-article 2c.
true story.

I’m totally winning Tekken this time. Go go scrubby Julia!

oh and on a side note, lord BBH cannot wear a hat to the tourney.

that’s in the tilt-tourney rulebook, paragraph 1349, sub-article 1a.

i’ll see about getting that day off.
now i need to get less predictable with alex.
and no im not switching to stun-gun.


and aj bbh can wear his hat if he wants to don’t be a dick!

we need it for bracket-building.


:rofl: :rofl:

I’ll come to this one I still say we should do a team tourny…

what team top tier (sam and ant) vs team scrub (me and tajiri) how about now thanks

dude, it would be over before it began.


Anthony’s Asuka is getting raw. And Lord BBH julia is consistent I think we’ll see you guys in the finals :slight_smile:

Fuck Anthony’s Asuka! Nigga got a long way to go before he touches mine!

are you partisipating this tourney?

Hmmm…Maybe I’ll show up for my first tourney in 6 years? Damn, it’s been that long? Shit, I’m old. I’ll cheese out some wins with Chun or something. Capcom needs a new SF game. Or tilt should get a ST or A3 cabinet. 3S is kind of meh.

yea its been a while last i remember, alpha tournies a few years back or marvel with your blackheart team. Anyway it’d be tite if a few of the regulars from way back when would come back and start gamin again.

PS. I’m winning tekken

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