Portland Tilt Tourney #2 3S @ T5 DR 03/10

Portland Tilt tourney #2:
When: March 10th, 03/10 (A Saturday)
Where: Portland, OR at the Lloyd Center Tilt
What: Games will be Third strike(3S) @ Tekken 5 DR
How much: There will be a $5 dollar entry fee for each game
What time: Sign ups will start at 2:00 pm and the tourney WILL start 3:30
Prizes: 1st place=60%, 2nd=30%, 3rd=10%, 4th=Ray will give you the
BIG four hand signal :tup:

Everyone should show up to this one too, I’ll even make signs to stick on the cabinets. For anyone not sure if they should show up, its pretty certain that JOHN MICHAELS(LTB) will show up for this one, and a few others from around there too.
Come and you can play the Champion(ME) and new people, so one more thing for people not sure to come…Cmon…Cmon.

i’ll go and get pooned in the first round…again.
but if there are casuals at art’s after the tourney, i’m up for it.

I told the Seattle Tekken peeps about this tourney you guys are having. Maybe they’ll be interested in coming down as well.

i’m there and i’ll pwn you all =D

rofl yeah right see you in the loser brakket tajiri

team scrub FTW

fucking lolz.

team scrub ftw.

Damn I wanna go. My pops lives in or so maybe I’ll stay for a couple days or something.

big thanks to anthony, art, ray, sam, kevin, and ltb for the casuals at art’s place.
thank you for your patience with me (a scrub) and thanks for teaching me some of the "tricks of the trade"
look forward to making friday nights a regular occurence.

Hmm I think I may make an appearance as well.

:open_mouth: A Portland tourney? How is the arcade in P-town? I’m down here in Eugene and we have nothing

pdx tilt is the place to be, imo.

Dang Sam you were right about Schmizzle being good. Anyways I have a car now. I just need to get a fuse for the alternator (I blew a couple fuses) and the fuel injection and then I’ll come up. Peace

Hey Grandpa if we can get some converters (PS to DC) for my friends stick then we’re in business. Do you play CVS2 or marvel also?

i know some guys play marvel and there all pretty good at cvs2 but i think for the most part we play 3s >.>

I play mostly Marvel (DC) and 3S (Xbox). I’m rubbish at both, never had any competition so… :sweat:

i vote we do tourney’s twice a month but thats just me >.>

They get boring every 2 weeks, less people show. Gotta balance them out, just play casuals more.

sup theo, come down man.

N yes tournys that often are fuckin stupid IMO. If you have tournys that often people are gonna be like "O I don’t want to enter because (…) so I can just enter the next 1 in 2 week making it have less n less people and making people lose interest. Having them spread out about a month and a half to 2 months is good.

well i just think there fun is all ^^

Anyone else in or around Eugene? I think if there are enough, we should find some kind of a venue to get some casuals going. I’ve been meaning to find a decent game…beating the computer doesn’t make me any better.

lets make it happen yo!