Portland Tilt Tourney #4 3S/T5DR/(MVC2?) June 2nd (06/02)

Portland Tilt Tourney #4

When: June 2nd (Saturday)
Where:Portland, OR at Lloyd center Tilt
What: 3S, Tekken5 DR, and Marvel vs Capcom 2 (maybe)
How much: $5 dollar entry fee for each game
Prizes: 1st=60% of pot money, 2nd=30%, 3rd=10%, 4th=Ray’s big four hand:tup:
Starting time: Sign ups start at 2:00 pm, Tournament starts at 3:30 Sharp
Seeds:T5DR) Brian:china: (1), Dennis(2), Ray(3), Phongsack(4)
3S) Sam Y(1), Me(2), Ray(3), Val(4)

Alright people, I’m hearing that Seattle want’s to come down for a MVC2 tourney, so there will be one with the other tourneys, but like all other games if there’s no turn out, it’ll be cancelled. If you Marvel players want a PDX vs Seattle tourney, I suggest you hit up some seattle players and convince them to come down for this one. Black Sam I think knows most of them…yo negro, call up your homies and get them to come, alright.

The Tourneys will start at 3:30 sharp, so get there on time, if your gonna be late, call me at my phone # (503-332-6975) and I’ll squeeze you in wherever I can, but if you are late be prepared to be in the losers bracket.

EVO is getting closer and closer, show up and get some needed practice, I’ll be making signs again so hopefully there’ll be a big or even bigger turnout than last time,(14 people for 3S, 19 people for T5DR), I hope every body from last time comes and more new people, and Tri-cities, come down for this one, make this a hella huge tourney. You too LTB.

So you have exactly a month to practice up, and a month to request time off from work to show up, come and make this a good tourney, peace and post up.

hopefully i’ll break into top 5 in 3s.


Who wants to do a GG AC console tourney by then? HOLLA!

Man! If i had a way down there… I would enter the MVSC2…maybe 3s.


seriously, Im down.

Marvel Marvel Marvel

Sam is gonna win. But which one??

cool I’ll enter this cuz I want to rape mexis all day everyday

OoOooO this will be tite

Team Tourny???



Cool. Gonna try to make it. I need some pre-Evo practice.

Hey my birthday is on the may 30th anybody wanna be cool and let me win? lol jk but Ill be down i can for sure be down there bc i asked for my bday weekend off

good, actually show up this time.


last time i pulled it off to get out of work but no ride =( and the closest bus route was about 14 miles

A side from the tourney it would be hella tight to have a 5 on 5 PDX , WA (3’s T5DR MVC2) with some phat loot 4 the winning teams!

Coincedentally, I"m going to a DnB show in P-land that night. So I’ll be attending teh tourney. Booyakasha


I’m going to be in town on the 24th if anyone wants to get down with some MARVEL! SamB I gots money matches with you. Is marvel tourney happening with the others?

Someone bring a camera and record the 3S finals. I want to review it afterward, provided I’m in it :sweat:

i’ll bring mine with extra batteries and HOPEFully fix the glitch in the resolution, but if someone else can bring one that would be good too

i can see this … SamW and Anthony 3s Finals----Lawrence and Samb Marvel Finals----Ray and Dennis DR Finals. but with player like Brian, P-sac, taiga_knee hell even me playing in all 3 you never know. this looks to be the biggest tourny and years!!! good luck to you all. im gonna kick all your asses lol i want this one lol!!!:arazz:

My camera takes video as well. It’s okay quality, not the best, but it might work, I could prolly bring it.