Portland to Preppy's on the 7th


I really want to go to Preppy’s on the 7th because I probably wont be able to make it once school starts again. If anyone in Portland has a car and is interested in going, let me know!


I’m going, and I will take anyone fully clothed and recently showered as long as they chip in for gas.


I’m down to go once I find out what my status for work is. I should be able to drive as well. Let me know who wants to go.


I would love to get some games in fatbear, if I get a chance.

I will probably be down to portland again at some point, and less scrubby then before.


who are you?


Thats andrew he’s hella old school portland. Also I’d go but I’ve already got plans and won’t be able to make it that weekend. Though Portland GG is coming on saturday.


You and i should get some matches in…it’ll be interesting to see how much you have really improved.

Haven’t played in 2 years…we should play dude, it’ll be fun.


Tight. On friday I’ll try to figure out who else is interested in going and I’ll let you guys know.


Damn, i coulda swore i said i posted to say iwas down! o well IM DOWN. And got SHOTGUN!!


I think Sept 7th will be dope if this goes down.


What up L, what’s good? We need to get some games in since I suck now according to Jetay.

Anyway, whoever wants to ride with me, let me know somehow. I don’t care who comes with me, but I have space for maybe 2 more safely. If I don’t rent-a-car (which I’m thinking to do), I’ll be rocking a 2 door Civic. Also, whoever goes with me has to do the standard drop some cash for gas. Oh, and is Preppy down if we get some sleep up there? I’m not sure how I’ll feel after an 8 hour day + 3 hour drive up there. I’m looking to leave as close to after work (should be leaving around 5) as possible.


I didint say you suck, I said you are retired now! Nothing you can do about it man, it just happens. lol. Are we still down for the character vs character match, Minus T-Hawk and blanka?


Yeah, but I’m wondering: do we have to mirror-match, because that’s as ugly as playing Blanka. Haha


We can do a first to 10 then. cause im sure as fuck not playin Blanka. I was just sayin character 4 character b/c u was talken about my Chun at Tilt and Boxer.