Portland Tournament Interest

I’m just curious how many people besides Airthrow want to see another tournament at Portland State. If people speak up, I can get the ball rolling for a fall tournament.

If KoF or Guilty Gear is down there I’d show up.

3s? If so, yes.

Definitely. I’d even help out.

it was expected that there would be a Random Select 2008

I was there last time, so I can’t help but ask for a repeat.

When they showed up at Zach’s, I told Jetay and Ray that I would go to the next Random Select tourney that was thrown. So count me in.

Wow, interest from every corner of the scene. Cool. There’s a random select weekly thing today so I’ll talk to the guys in charge about setting up an event. Stay tuned!

This is kind of true. Absolutely yes.

no “kind of” about it :slight_smile:

Oh, there is one?

Might as well show then.

Yeah, I was kinda expecting it too.

And while we’re talking about expectations, I expect to be swarmed by White Women from all walks of life. Fat, skinny, old, pretty, etc.

You need this
You fiend this
It’s Jesus’ Penis!

I can dig that.

Two birds with one stone. I told Tay and Koda that i will come visit them. So…

Im in.

Did this topic really need to be made?

Of course we want another! DO IT

I’d be down.

I’m always interested in road trips to good local places - I could probably drive three peeps.

im down as long as random select lets me participate. that club has a history of not letting me enter tournaments.

yep im down

If there’s KOF i’m down