Portsmouth, OH

I’ve got a small group of about 5 people that love fighters and we are looking for people that want to play. We’ve got a few SF4 players including myself, a few that play Soul Calibur, while we all enjoy SSBBrawl and some MvC. My wife actually plays a decent Yoshimitsu in Tekken. BTW did I mention part of the group is made up of girls?

There has to be gamers in my area…where are you all hiding? We have a University with TWO separate gaming degrees, but everyone I find that “claims” to be a gamer plays WOW, Rock Band, MW2, or HALO.

Well your really close to Cincinnati/Dayton if you guys don’t mind making the drive out sometimes we have a huge scene and a big gathering group of people. I doubt youll find a group of people in your area unless you get people into it. Sometimes you guys should come to our area we have lots of tournaments and even an arcade here in Cincinatti where we meet on a regular.

Cincy/Dayton : http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=228678

Also you guys should come down for a big tournament were having :



Portsmouth is about as far as C-bus is from Cinci. You’re probably better off checking the Kentucky area threads.

Midwest Championships 2010 is in 30 days,** but there are only 15 days left toreserve your hotel room at the discounted rate of $69/night.** On top of our great tournaments, I wanted to remind you all that there is a door prize raffle. Simple paying the venue fee enters you in the raffle to win one of the many cool prizes. In the raffle are 5 Tournament Edition Madcatz Arcade Sticks, so you could be going home with one of these babies! On top of that, the $1,000 pot bonus on Super SF4 is being split separately from the normal prize pool, meaning that everyone in the SSF4 top 8 gets some money. More people in the money = more happy players.

This is the very first Super SF4 major, and we are also playing a stupid number of other games. Its anEvo qualifier, and we are giving away 16 trophies for various titles. Please come out and show your support for the Midwest fighting game scene, and of course, have an amazing time. See you in 30 days!

Are their any Kentucky area threads? lol


There’s at least one.

I lived in KY for awhile and the only major scene is in Louisville…and that’s farther away then Columbus or Cinci…The Dayton Area is actually where I grew up and where my mom lives. I was in Huber Heights for till I was around 18.