Portugal Says F*** Democracy

yo porkchops, wtf???

Europe is about 5-10 years from collapsing in on themselves.

Except this time, the US might not be able to save them.

Wow. Portugal taking lessons from Latin governments. Keep this shit up and the military will get involved.

Portugal gave us the most handsomest footballer alive. They have nothing to worry about.

I’m curious what happens next. The government that won the election, is anti Euro, so the EU probably is like ‘fuck you too’. But the world generally frowns upon leaders who refuse to give up when they lose an election. That’s kinda what they call dictatorships.

I’m curious to see how many more corrupt Euro leaders are gonna go bonkers in the next while.


LOL try like 3-5.

The internal schism in countries may be the next big looming political issue.

The radicalism of both the left and right is starting to do real long term damage, when either side gets power.

Olivier Giroud is French.

UK is having its EU referendum in 2017, probably vote to leave. Corruption will force us to stay, though less blatant than Portugal. EU is Germany. They own it all, its like they didnt even lose the war the bastards have like half the wealth on the planet. EU aint going nowhere until we destroy Skynet Angela Merkel.

So you’re saying the 4th Reich?

The only Germany that exists is Bavaria!!!

Trouble is if we leave Europe the knobheads in govenment now get to run rampant (guess who saved us from the digital economy bill being able to murk people’s internet connections) but if we stay in it we have to deal with the fucking idiots in brussels fussing over stupid shit like the power of our fucking vacuume cleaners or how bent our bananas are.

Poland just elected a euroskeptic party was well. The euro is doomed, son.

Yeah most of Europe isn’t happy that a few people who don’t live in their country get to make rules for other countries. I kinda figured the EU was doomed to fail the moment a major problem arose.

Whatever. Soon, the whole world will crumble. All governments and economies will shatter. Within one year, the planet will spiral into utter chaos.


writing has been on the wall for a while now. if the heart and brain of europa feels that way back then, imagine in 2 years when the ramifications of all the refugees start to really manifest itself.

On topic: the military should get involved in Portugal.

Christina Aguilera is also 50% Ecuadorian

The Euro is fundamentally flawed anyway, it may ultimately be better if some countries give up on it. There is no way that a country like Greece, whose primary industry is most likely tourism should have a currency with an equal value to an industrial power like Germany. If Greece were to get out of the Euro their currency value would drop rapidly, which would ultimately be good for the tourism industry in that country. As for the radical right/left wing parties popping up all over Europe, I do think it is somewhat worrying, but I suppose it is natural during a time of such economic stagnation.

Within 3 years or less the Euro will dissolve and every country will go back to their currency before the Euro came out. Mark my words!!!

How is that article dated 2010?

because* it is *from 2010

fuck that. I like where we’re at now. Not involved in anything and having no one messing with us