Portugal - the fighting game scene


To all Portuguese fighting game fans, you are not alone! We actually have a place we gather and arrange everything from casual meetings to tournaments and epic spicy meal challenges (francesinhas!). With beer. And cheese.

Anyway, Portuguese people, join your brothers at: www.ptfighters.com and be a part of our small (but awesome and francesinha loving) community.

I’ll also update this thread with upcoming meetups & tournaments, results and videos maybe.


Fellow Portuguese fighters, you’re all welcome to the first Northren montly event: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?events/tab-1-portugal.484/


Oh nice, didn’t realize this was here! Good stuff!

We usually play marvel, ssf4 and tekken with only a few people in blazblue, mk and others. And i got to say: even if our community is not very large (it’s actually pretty small lol), we bring hype to every tournament room. We go to semi-haunted-abandoned houses and fill them all with salt!

We’ve been growing our ranks considerably lately and if you’re from Portugal, you’ll certainly have a great time there


Results from tab #1

Our video channel with some vids (finals are coming soon)

VCC Arena, 31st July Lisbon! Every nearby fighter must attend this one, lots of people for SF4, MvC3 and Tekken.

Garage Meets 3.0, Lisbon


sets up a tent

Anyway, any of you Brits that swarm our country in the summer, some of you should play fighting games! Be sure to stop by :wink:


Everyone knows they only go to Algarve, and they have no tournaments/meets. Step it up Algarve?


Algarve? I like it! :smiley:


Here’s the thread with the video I made from last year’s national tournament.

I wonder if there’s going to be a national tournament this year in Portugal? :rolleyes:


i tried to navigate my way through ptfighters but i completely failed because i dont know the language. but i was wondering if there was a fgc in madeira, namely funchal. i visit family there every summer and i wouldn’t mind getting some games in with some portuguese dudes. to be honest i am not expecting much since madeira is such a remote area.


eu so o melhor jogador portuguese no marvel em toronto, canada


I really don’t think so. As far as I know, there’s nobody in our community from Madeira. If there are competitive people playing there, we don’t know about them. But we do have some people from the Açores archipelago, if you ever go visit.

Boa :slight_smile: Será que dá para fazer uns jogos sem lag de Portugal para o Canadá?


word, thanks for the response. i doubt ill ever visit the azores but if i ever make it to the mainland which is a lot more possible i will definitely hit you guys up. i would love to play some street fighter internationally with you guys. im 100% portuguese but my family didnt teach me the language so i wouldn’t pick up an accent and get discriminated on. (for some reason a lot of americans think spanish and portuguese people are not white lol…) sad but true.


Boa :slight_smile: Será que dá para fazer uns jogos sem lag de Portugal para o Canadá?



gohan, és descendente de PTs? prazer! btw de q zona são/és teus pais/tu?


been about 6 months since any activity in this thread you guys still playing?

looking for some competition around lisbon later this summer


Hi, we are having a big tournament this September in Lisbon.
For all the details check here:


Hey guys, im a guy from the Danish community and im currently on my vacation in portugal, but i wanted to check out the scene and perhaps meet a few of you guys and play some umvc3 or darkstalkers. Im here from the 19th to the 31th of july. Any events or small gatherings? Im living 25 min outside lissabon, caparica i think its called


Hey Jethuty! I know the place where you are at :stuck_out_tongue: “Costa da Caparica”, right?

Well, in the current date I don’t think there will be any activity : \

How often do you come to Portugal to spend the holydays?


Aw bummer, i dont travel to portugal very often and i was really looking forward to testing out how strong you guys were compared to us :slight_smile: i have no idea what our “power level” is and would just love to just meet you guys in general haha.

And yeah good guess, its the costa da caparica, its so nice. I found an arcade nearby where they have vampire savior on an arcade machine, but it only has four buttons and they are pretty crappy. I saw sf4 aswell, but it vanilla sf4 and only with ps3 controllers.


I see you have registered there, go to the PTFighters forum, there’s a Marvel meeting this weekend.